HEA-3002I Anatomy and Physiology- Hybrid

How does the human body function? This course provides a basic overview of the human body's systems, as well as an introduction to homeostasis, cells, tissues, circulation, the immune response, and electrolytes. Students gain an understanding of how different systems within the human body relate to one another. Upon completion, students are able to demonstrate a basic understanding of the fundamental principles of anatomy and physiology. Recommended prerequisites include sound keyboarding skills, a basic understanding of and access to word processing software, basic file management skills, and familiarity with basic grammar. Recommended prerequisite course: Expanded Medical Terminology for the Health Care Professional. Textbook required. 90 hours. $180 *Because this is a hybrid (online and on-campus) course, students will meet in class every Monday. Required Textbook: Understanding Anatomy & Physiology (w/Bind-in Access Code), 2nd edition, Thompson, F.A. Davis Company, ISBN 9780803643734