FIP-3000B Firefighter/HAZMAT/TIMS Block

This block course is designed for Fire and Rescue Academies and aligns with firefighter certification requirements as approved by the NC Fire and Rescue Commission. This certification-related course consists of all content identified by the NC Fire and Rescue Commission as currently required for Firefighter I and II and Hazardous Materials Level 1 Responder certifications and for Traffic Incident Management System (TIMS) training. FIP-3000 transfers as one block, in its entirety, to the Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM). Colleges must adhere to specific policies that govern its use, including the following: 1) Students must successfully complete all components of this block course to get credit for any of the individual certifications/courses; 2) each part of the block has its own mandated attendance policy that must still be followed; and 3) any part within this block that has its own state testing requirements, to include practicals if any, must still be followed. Colleges may additionally integrate physical training competencies into the FIP-3000 block academy to complement Commission-regulated content, not to exceed the maximum hours of the course.