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Full Name Title Email Phone Office
Joan F. Brown Ofc Systems Tech Inst (P/T)
Office & Medical Office Admin
brownj@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8150
Herbert Brown HRD Instructor
Continuing Education Programs
Trevor C. Brown Part-time CSP Instructor
Continuing Education Programs
Karyn M. Bryant Spanish Instructor (P/T)
Foreign Languages
Edward W. Buck E M S Instructor I I
Emergency Med Science Prog
Jill W. Buckley Instructor, M S P
C T R and Med Prod Safety Prog
Harry Bulbrook Dir/Inst, Inf Sys & Net Tech
Info Sys Sec & Net Techn Prog
bulbrookh@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8151 Newton (Building 4)
Room 134
Darlene C. Bullock Dean, Continuing Education
Continuing Education
bullockd@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x4002 Duke St North
Room 134
Adam David Burns Instructor, CGL (P/T)
English for Academic Purp/Ce
Jessica B Butler BLET Instructor (P/T)
Criminal Justice & Law Enforce
Cynthia V. Caicedo Spanish Instructor (P/T)
Foreign Languages
John W. Cain Instructor, Psychology
Social Sciences
cainj@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8186 Phillips (Building 3)
Room 117
Rebekah Elizabeth Callari-Kaczmarczyk Instructor, CGL (P/T)
English for Academic Purp/Ce
Tracey A. Callison Librarian, Reference
Student Support Services
callisont@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x1608 ERC (Building 5)
Room 217
Stewart Cameron Inst, Massage Therapy
Continuing Education Programs
Kerry F. Cantwell AD Stu Supp Svces; Inst ACA
Student Support Services
cantwellk@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x1120 Wynn (Building 10)
Room 200I
Robert G. Carden Instructor, Chemistry (P/T)
Lindsey M. Carpenter Spanish Instructor (P/T)
Foreign Languages
Michele Carr DRE Instructors
Center for Academic Excellence
Frederico L. Castelloes Spanish Instructor (P/T)
Foreign Languages
Courtney Amber Cates E M S Instructor I
Emergency Med Science Prog
Jennifer C. Cesare Instructor, ADN (P/T)
Associate Degree Nursing
Lesley Chaffin Clinical Coor / Inst, ADN
Associate Degree Nursing
chaffinl@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8101 Tech (Building 9)
Room 201C
Linda N. Chalmers Admin Asst, OCC
Orange County Services
chalmersl@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x4203 Orange County Campus
Kim Bilbrough Chandler Instructor, OTA
Occupational Therapy Asst Prog
chandlerk@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8120 Tech (Building 9)
Room 128A
Melissa Chappell Dir Inst Adv/Exec Dir, Found
Institutional Advancement
chappellm@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x6001 ERC (Building 5)
Room 200C
Ingrid Charles Director/Inst, Biopharma
Biopharma/Biowork Program
charlesi@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x4402 Northern Durham Center, Bldg 1
Room 110A
Samanda N. Chasten English Instructor P/T
English and Communications
Wayne A Cheek Fire Protection Inst (P/T)
Fire Prot & Emergency Mgnt
Susan Cheng O T a Program; Allied Health
Occupational Therapy Asst Prog
chengs@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8103 Tech (Building 9)
Room 130B
Michael D. Chiaramonte Fire Protection Inst (P/T)
Fire Prot & Emergency Mgnt
Grace R. Childrey Instructor, ESL (P/T)
English As a Second Language
Keyma Clark College Liaison
Coll Recruit & High Schl Partn
clarkk@durhamtech.edu Wynn (Building 10)
Room 307
Richard O. Clayton BLET Instructor (P/T)
Criminal Justice & Law Enforce
Billy D. Clements Instructor, ESL (P/T)
English As a Second Language
Iesha M. Cleveland Director, Oc Stud Svces
Orange County Student Services
clevelandi@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x4201 Orange County Campus
Room 101B
Laura Cline Instructor, ADN (P/T)
Associate Degree Nursing
Patrick G. Coin AD, Ind & Eng; Dir EHS
Applied Technologies Program
coinp@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8059 Newton (Building 4)
Room 110
Helen M. Coleman Instructor, ABE (P/T)
Adult Basic Education Program
colemanh@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x3252 White (Building 1)
Cathy Collie-Robinson Director, Early Child Edu
Early Childhood Education Prog
collierobinsonc@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8057 Building 8
Room 103K
Bradley J. Collins Instructor, Chemistry (P/T)
Troy D. Comar Law Enforcement Ext Inst P/T
Criminal Justice & Law Enforce
Henry Balcita Concubierta Industrial Trade, Self-Support
Industrial Systems Techn Prog
Laurie M Conteh Instructor, Biology (P/T)
Jonathan N. Cook Coor, Com; Instr, Eng
English and Communications
cookj@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8007 Phillips (Building 3)
Room 228
Synthia S. Cooper Instr, A B E & A C A
Adult Basic Education Program
coopers@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x3101 White (Building 1)
Room 126
Nicole Marie Cooper Inst, Esthetician P / T
Continuing Education Programs
Ann W. Cordoba Part-time CSP Instructor
Continuing Education Programs
Kayla Corredera-Wells E M S Instructor I I
Emergency Med Science Prog
Darlene J. Covington-Brown Program Specialist, Hrd
Corporate, C E & Public Svces
covingtonbrownd@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x4005 CEC (Building 6)
Room 100D