Cloud Computing Lab Test Environment Setup

There are three main servers in our test environment setup. Below is information about the operating systems used, server roles, and necessary applications.

Server Descriptions

Server #1: ESXi 5.5 Server

We have set up a physical server that will provide a base for us to build our other servers as virtual appliances.

Server #2: vCenter Server Appliance

The vCenter Server Appliance provides all the networking protocols needed to administer our environment. DHCP role is enabled to provide addresses to our diskless host and to point to the PXe service. The PXe role is installed to roll out our operating system to the diskless host through TFTP. We will link our PXe role to an operating system boot image that we desire to deploy(ESXi 5.5). The TFTP role is established and used to transfer the boot file across the network.

Server #3: Openfiler

We installed Openfiler as a virtual machine within our ESXi 5.5 server. This is a file server. It is responsible for the storage of the virtual machines that will run on the diskless host. It will also serve as the storage point for the diskless host configuration files.

description is below the image
Image Description:

Clients will use DHCP to find PXe and TFTP information from the vCenter Server Appliance. Address range for the host is

  • Cloud-PT Empty Internet wall drop, PC-PT Management machine, and Server-PT ESXi* ( communicate with the 2960-24TT and 2960-24TT-L device.
    • *Note that the virtual appliances within the ESXi 5.5 server are the Server-PT vCenter Server Appliance ( and Server-PT Openfiler file server (
  • The 2960-24TT and 2960-24TT-L device communicates with PC-PT Host 1 (, PC-PT Host 2 (, and PC-PT Host 3 (