College Property

Computer Software

Durham Tech requires that all students, faculty, and staff abide by the law and the college's licensing agreements that protect computer software from unauthorized use. The college does not require, request, or condone unauthorized copying or use of computer software. When the college purchases or licenses the use of copies of computer software, it does not own the software or its documentation. Unless authorized by the software developer, students, faculty, and staff at the college do not have the right to copy or distribute the software or its documentation. Loading software from one disk to multiple computers is illegal unless specifically allowed by the license with the software company. The college abides by any special license agreements relating to the use of software on local area networks or on multiple machines.

Software installations in instructional labs are the sole responsibility of the Information Technology Services Department. Requests for an instructional lab installation should be forwarded by an individual instructor to his/her program director who will forward it to the Senior Director, Instructional Technologies where it will be reviewed and, if approved, sent to the Information Technology Services Department for installation for the following semester.

It is the responsibility of any Durham Tech employee who is aware of the misuse of software or related documentation at the college to notify his/her supervisor or the Information Technology Services Executive Director. Additional information is available in the Appropriate Use of Computing Resources policy.


The Facility Services Director is responsible for administering and coordinating the state regulations for equipment inventory control. All equipment valued at $1,000 or more is assigned an equipment identification number, tagged, and placed on the equipment inventory record. The college conducts a complete equipment inventory annually. All employees should make every effort to provide adequate security of equipment.

Personal use of state-owned equipment is not authorized. Equipment should not be removed from the campus without written approval from the Division Head and the President. A copy of the written approval is to be forwarded to the Facility Services Director. This policy does not apply to those items permanently assigned to off-campus locations.

Equipment Distribution

The Program Director or Department Head may approve the distribution of usable, workable equipment within its program or department without additional approval. If the equipment cannot be used within the program or department, then the Division Head can approve distribution within the division. If the equipment cannot be used within the division, then the President's Leadership Council will determine distribution within the college. In all cases, the Program Director or Department Head who is transferring the equipment must complete a Work Order Request. The request should includes the serial number, inventory number, model number, description, previous location, and new location for the equipment being moved. To surplus unusable equipment, this process is followed with the addition of the Program Director or Department Head also approving the request.