Computer Software and Hardware/Software Inventories

Computer Software and Hardware Procedures

The Information Technology Services (ITS) Department is responsible for cataloging all software and software licenses for software not pre-installed on personal computers. To ensure that all software is installed legally, the ITS Department receives and stores all original and backup copies of personal computer software. The ITS Department is also responsible for tracking software that is signed out for installation by the user.

Authorization to Install Software

License agreements will be followed. Individuals who wish to load their own software on Durham Tech computers must:

  1. Donate the software to the college, documenting in writing that the software is not loaded on other machines; or
  2. Show evidence that the license agreement allows the software to be loaded on machines both at work and at home as long as only one machine accesses the software at one time. Shareware and demonstration software may be loaded on computers for no longer than a four-week evaluation period. All software must be registered in writing with the ITS Department before a technician can work on a machine containing the software.

Installation Procedures

Before software can be installed on any personal computer at Durham Tech, the license agreement must be sent to the ITS Department and backup copies of the software must be made. The software is then signed out by the person doing the installation by filling out the Original Software Check-Out form available in the ITS Department. Application software can be installed by the user. Network and operating software should be installed by the ITS Department. To have software installed by the ITS Department, the employee should fill out a Work Order request.

Responsibilities of Program Directors and Other Academic Administrators

Because computer classrooms are increasingly shared by programs, administrators responsible for hiring faculty and technicians who work in the computer classrooms must inform the faculty and staff of the college’s computer policies and procedures. Once those individuals are properly informed of the policies and procedures, this faculty and staff will be responsible if they violate the policies and procedures.

Transfer of Computer Equipment to New Location

When computer equipment is being moved to a new location or transferred to another department, Facility Services requires that the program administrator complete the Equipment Inventory Record/Adjustment form prior to the move. The purpose of this form is to track inventory location and ownership. Facility Services will also move the equipment but not set it up. If the user is unable to set up the computer equipment and would like the ITS Department to set up this equipment, they should fill out an ITS Department Work Order request. The record adjustment form will also indicate whether or not ownership of the software is changing. The ITS Department will make adjustments to their records based on this information.

Donations of Hardware and Software

If hardware or software is donated to Durham Tech, the person making the donation must fill out the Request to Surplus/Sale Equipment form. Facility Services and the ITS Department are notified of the donation via the Request to Surplus/Sale Equipment form. All software and associated licenses must be sent to the ITS Department to be catalogued before it is installed on any Durham Tech machine. Unauthorized software must be removed from the personal computer by the program director. The ITS Department cannot work on equipment or software not owned by Durham Tech.


Any employee or student of Durham Tech who makes, acquires, or uses unauthorized copies of computer software will be subject to disciplinary action. Giving software purchased by the college to any outside third party is also grounds for disciplinary action.

Unauthorized copying or use of computer software is prohibited in the course of employment or instruction. As a result, Durham Tech will not provide legal defense for individuals who may be accused of violating the copyright law even if this individual maintains that such action was taken in the course of their employment or their instruction. If Durham Tech is sued or fined because of unauthorized copying or use by students, faculty, or staff, it may seek payment from the individuals as well as subject them to disciplinary action that may include dismissal.