Governing Board

Board of Trustees

Durham Technical Community College shall be governed by a 15-member Board of Trustees. Four members of the Board are appointed by the Governor, four are appointed by the Durham County Board of Commissioners, four are appointed by the Durham Public Schools Board of Education, and two are appointed by the Orange County Board of Commissioners. Trustees serve four-year terms and set local policy for the College. A representative of the College’s Student Government Association also serves as a non-voting member of the Board.

Board and Employee Relationships

The President of Durham Tech derives their authority from the College’s Board of Trustees. In effect, the Board has a single employee (the President) through whom the policies of the Board are enacted and the programs and services of the College are carried out. College employees should be mindful of this in their interactions with individuals who serve on the Board. Board members individually and the Board collectively should receive all information about the college from the President directly or from college employees acting at the President’s direction. College employees who receive requests for information from individual Board members should promptly notify the President of those requests. In addition, college employees are expected to apprise the President of any college-related contact with individual Board members. (This expectation does not apply to a request for information about the President’s job performance as part of a regular or special review of the President that has been duly commissioned by the Board of Trustees.)

College employees should refrain from initiating contact with Board members to discuss college business unless specifically directed to do so by the President. College employees should pursue a grievance against the President by contacting the Executive Director, Human Resources as outlined in the Whistleblower Policy.