Electrical Systems Technology Frequently Asked Questions

What types of careers are available to those completing the Electrical Systems Technology program?

New and expanding industries in the Triangle and surrounding areas need persons trained in electrical skills. Although entry-level positions are available for those with little formal training, area companies seek trained persons for filling these high-demand jobs. Furthermore, those with training usually advance faster and further in the workplace and in their career.

What types of salaries can a person in this career field expect?

Pay for entry-level, non-skilled average $9-$10 per hour. Pay for skilled or journeyman positions average $17-$18 per hour. Licensed electricians often go into business for themselves where the income potential is unlimited. In this high-demand job market, many employers are willing to pay for their employees' additional training. Learn more about careers, skills, salaries, and job outlook for electrical technicians and electricians.

three students discuss electrical plans What are the working conditions for those in electrical careers?
Construction work is hands on with the materials required for installation. Conditions vary from working outdoors to working in air conditioned offices. Working conditions can also vary greatly for control electricians. Jobs are available to fit different lifestyles, including traveling for days or weeks or being home every night.

What education and training are required for a career in the electrical field?
A high school diploma or equivalent is required before beginning further training in this career program at Durham Tech. High school courses are recommended in English, basic algebra, basic trigonometry, and physics. Students must take placement tests for entry in Durham Tech. Persons lacking the English, math, and reading skills necessary to succeed in this program may enroll for developmental courses to prepare for the college level.

What personal qualifications are needed for a career in the electrical field?
Persons interested in a career in this field should enjoy using a variety of skills in different work situations, including indoor and outdoor settings. Attention to detail is important in this work since electrical construction and repair are required to meet code. Punctuality and consistency in being at work and in the quality of the work completed are all important in this field.

Most courses in the Electrical Systems Technology program are offered at Durham Tech's main campus. Call 919-536-7234 for additional information about the program.