Science Seminars

All seminars begin at 3:30 pm in the Collins Building, room 2-178 (auditorium) 
Pre-seminar refreshments will be provided in the lobby at 3:15 p.m. (Please remember no food or drinks are allowed in the auditorium)

Wednesday, February 20

Unregulated Contaminants in Our Drinking Water

Guest Speaker: Dr. Detlef Knappe, S. James Ellen Distinguished Professor of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at NC State University, will share his research on water quality and treatment.

About 5 million North Carolinians receive their drinking water from streams and reservoirs. As an old saying goes, we all live downstream, meaning that water quality is affected by activities that take place upstream. This presentation highlights the impact of industrial wastewater discharges on water quality in North Carolina. Examples from our research in the Cape Fear River watershed will be presented to highlight the need for better pollution prevention.

Learn more about interview article with Dr. Knappe.

Wednesday, March 20

Edwin Kim, MD, MS
Director, UNC Food Allergy Initiative
Assistant Professor (allergy)

Summary: Dr. Kim will review the immunological concept of oral tolerance and the pathogenesis of when oral tolerance is broken leading to the development of allergies. He will then summarize research from the past 10 years on various modalities of immunotherapy for food allergy with peanut allergy as the model. Results will include clinical and immunological effects of the therapies. Finally, Dr. Kim will wrap up with possibilities for the future for food allergy treatment.

Learn more about Dr. Kim and Food Allergies at UNC Health Care.

Wednesday, April 17

Jacob Jones, PhD
Department of Material Science and Engineering, NCSU
Director, Research Triangle Nanotechnology Network

Learn more about Dr. Jones and Research Triangle Nanotechnology Network


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