Room Requests at Durham Tech

Reserved rooms are limited to Durham Tech Faculty and Staff)

The room request forms are gone!

Please use the R-25 room scheduler (see directions first) for all classrooms and conference rooms that contain technology. There are a few ad hoc small conference rooms that do not contain technology and we'll list them and provide a scheduling procedure for them in the future.

NOTE: The scheduler only works on campus.

Do You Require Anything for the Event?
A work order must be submitted to Facility Services at least one week prior to the event if a change in the set-up of the room is needed (please note that the set-up for ERC conference rooms cannot be changed). The Facility Services Department also requests a diagram for rooms needing a change in set-up. If the set-up of a room is changed, the room should be cleaned and set back into its original format (this should be indicated on the work order). Please allow one hour between scheduled events so there is sufficient time for changing the room. If you need additional tables or chairs you should confirm that they are available.

Please be considerate by reserving a room as early as possible so that the room can be prepared for your use. Last minute requests tax the system.

Posting the Event on the Durham Tech Events Calendar:
If you consider the event noteworthy, please email Liz Filipowski with the event details.