Innovate Carolina Junction Room Request

The Innovate Carolina Junction, located at 136 East Rosemary St., Suite 100, in Chapel Hill, NC, has one meeting room (Room 151) and one training room (Room 051) that are available for use for College meetings/events and Continuing Education courses. Room 151 can accommodate up to 25 people, and Room 050 can accommodate up to 55 people. The rooms have computers with hybrid meeting room capabilities and projectors. However, individuals desiring to use their own laptops will not have access to hybrid capabilities. These individuals will also be responsible for providing their own HDMI adapters and clickers.

Employees may request the use of Rooms 151 and 051 by completing and submitting the Innovate Carolina Junction Room Request at least two weeks ahead of time.

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600 Frontier RTP Classroom Area (LL55) Request

The Center for Workforce Engagement office located at Frontier RTP (600 Park Offices Dr., LL55, Research Triangle Park [or it may be Durham in GPS], NC 27709) has a classroom area that is available for use for classes offered by Corporate Services (ONLY), meetings with community partners, and other College meetings. The classroom comfortably accommodates 18-20 individuals. The classroom area is equipped with a podium, mounted TV monitor, computer, and web camera. Wireless access is available. In addition, a small whiteboard (with accompanying markers and erasers) is available.

Employees desiring to request the use of the classroom area must complete and submit the 600 Frontier RTP Classroom Area (LL55) Request Form a minimum of two weeks ahead of time.

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