Preparing for the Test

The North Carolina Diagnostic Assessment and Placement (NCDAP) test taken at Durham Tech may be completed only once within a 12–month period. Students are eligible for retest on the NC DAP math test if they are within one point of the passing score for any developmental math module (i.e., they earn a score of 6 on the 12-point scale).

It is very important that you study for your placement test. We recommend spending at least two hours reviewing each test area — writing, reading, and math. By obtaining a better score, you will have more class options and can get a head start towards achieving your academic goals.

Developmental Math Modules

  • DMA 010 Operations with Integers
  • DMA 020 Fractions and Decimals
  • DMA 030 Proportions/Ratios/Rates/Percentages
  • DMA 040 Expressions, Linear Equations, Linear Inequalities
  • DMA 050 Graphs and Equations of Lines
  • DMA 060 Polynomials and Quadratic Applications
  • DMA 070* Rational Expressions and Equations
  • DMA 080* Radical Expressions and Equations

* These modules are not offered in testing. Students who need MAT 171 or above must show proficiency in DMA 060 or complete DMA 060, 070 and 080

Developmental Math Modules

  • Each module has 12 questions.
  • In order to show proficiency in each module, students must correctly answer 7 or more questions.
  • The test is untimed
  • Average testing time is 2 or more hours.
  • No calculators are allowed (one will be provided for each question as the test deems necessary).
  • Students should study, study, study!

Prepare for the NC DAP math exam

Several online resources are available including a practice test, an iPhone app and web app that can be viewed on your computer or mobile device. Additionally, Wake Tech offers a MOOC (free online course) covering introductory algebra that can help you prepare.

Practice questions and review material can also be found on the following websites: