Welcome to the TLC website!

The Teaching-Learning Center at Durham Technical Community College supports the college’s vision to be a learning college. In our interpretation of a learning college, the students, faculty, and staff are all learners.

Faculty development at Durham Tech is a collaborative process. Its success relies on faculty’s talents and their willingness to share their talents. The TLC facilitates faculty development through regular workshops presented by faculty for faculty; a periodic journal dedicated to teaching excellence, Learning Matters; and training targeted for specific groups of participants, including new full-time and part-time faculty.

Faculty development at Durham Tech is also adaptive. The TLC hosts relevant activities to support specific college initiatives, including data-informed decision making, globalization, new practices in assessment, and the college’s QEP. The TLC also offers regular activities related to the typical themes in faculty development, for example, classroom management and active learning.

TLC Mission:

The Teaching-Learning Center (TLC) is dedicated to enhancing teaching and learning excellence for faculty, students, and staff at Durham Technical Community College.

TLC Goals:

  • To encourage, offer, and sponsor professional development activities as a means to enhance teaching and learning;
  • To encourage faculty in the exploration, development, and use of innovative and varied teaching methodologies, including new uses of technology, in the pursuit of teaching and learning;
  • To assist faculty in exploring and implementing a variety of methods for assessing learning;
  • To showcase achievement of outstanding educational initiatives that enhance teaching and learning;
  • To encourage funding of faculty and staff projects aimed at enhancing teaching and learning through the college Foundation and outside grant agencies; and
  • To act as a community partner to provide appropriate professional development aimed at enhancing teaching and learning for educational colleagues across the community.