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Full Name Title Email Phone Office
Teresa L. Hayes E M S Instructor I I
Emergency Med Science Prog
Daylon O. Hayes Fire Service Ext Inst (P/T)
Fire Prot & Emergency Mgnt
Sonny Haynes Instructor, English
English and Communications
haynesl@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x2425 Orange County Campus
Room 210D
Sheza M. Healey Instructor, Dev Eng & Read
Developmental English
healeys@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x6301 Collins (Building 2)
Room 101
Jordan A. Heape Electrical Instructor (P/T)
Electrical Systems Techn Prog
Sara Elizabeth Heckler English Instructor (P/T)
English and Communications
Lori Dawn Heiger Academic Adv / Inst, ACA
Advising Services
heigerl@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x1128 Wynn (Building 10)
Room 200G
Carolyn T. Henderson Admin Asst, Math & Science
Arts, Sciences & Univ Transfer
hendersonc@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8020 Collins (Building 2)
Room 164
Jay W. Henderson BLET Instructor (P/T)
Criminal Justice & Law Enforce
Veronica Del Carmen Henriquez Ventura Program Assistant, Adult Educ
College and Career Readiness
henriquezventurv8046@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x3003 White (Building 1)
Room 103
Wilma M. Herndon Health Instructor, AS&U
Health Information Techn Prog
Robin M. Herring Mathematics Instructor (P/T)
Math, Engineering and Physics
Vickie Hickman Instructor, Practical Nursin
Practical Nursing Education
hickmanv@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8149 Tech (Building 9)
Room 124A
Reginald F. Hildebrand History Instructor (P/T)
Humanities and Fine Arts
O'Dell J. Hill Net Tech/Virtual Desktop
Technology Infrastructure
hillo@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x6113 White (Building 1)
Room 164G
Cynthia M. Hill Purchasing Technician
Purchasing & Aux. Services
hillcm@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x1014 White (Building 1)
Room 159T
Catina R. Hill-Wafula Student Info and Records Spe
Student Infomation & Records
hillc@durhamtech.edu Wynn (Building 10)
Room 201
Patrick K. Hines Exec Dir, Chief Tech Off
Information Technology Svcs
hinesp@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x6101 White (Building 1)
Room 164E
Valarie Lynn Hines College Liaison
Coll Recruit & High Schl Partn
hinesv@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x2553 Wynn (Building 10)
Room 307
Kevin Hinton Housekeeping Supervisor
hintonk@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x6203 Facilities (Building 7)
Ashley Cunnigham Hodges Instructor, Mathematics
Math, Engineering and Physics
hodgesa@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8038 Collins (Building 2)
Room 149
Olga Hogrefe Instructor, Chemistry
hogrefeo@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8128 Collins (Building 2)
Room 147
Teresa M Holder Clin Coor / Inst, Med Asst
Medial Assisting Program
holdert@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8165 Tech (Building 9)
Room 218
Horace L. Holloway Coordinator, Evening College
Student Learning
hollowayh@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8191 Newton (Building 4)
Room 142
Lonnie E. Holloway Electrical Instructor (P/T)
Electrical Systems Techn Prog
Taylor L. Holloway Cashier, Cafe
Dorothy M Holman Purchasing Technician
Purchasing & Aux. Services
holmand@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x1008 White (Building 1)
Room 159S
Jillian Holmquist Instructor, CGL (P/T)
English for Academic Purp/Ce
Michelle L. Honeybun ESL OE Part-time Faculty
English for Academic Purp/Ce
Richard A. Hooks BLET Instructor (P/T)
Criminal Justice & Law Enforce
Julie M. Hoover Geology Instructor (P/T)
hooverj@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8021 Collins (Building 2)
Room 124
David I. Hopp Science Tutor, CLC
Center for Academic Excellence
Rex Musashi Horton Desktop Supp Spec/Kace Admin
Technology Infrastructure
hortonr@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x6106 White (Building 1)
Room 164K
Thomas A. Huffstetler Spanish Instructor
Julie C. Humphrey Director, Library
humphreyj@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x1602 ERC (Building 5)
Room 209A
Judy A Hunter Admin Asst, CCR
College and Career Readiness
hunterj@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x2423 White (Building 1)
Room 103A
Telecia M. Hunter Instructor, BioWork (P/T)
Biopharma/Biowork Program
John Hurlburt Inst, Comp Prog & Appl Prog
Computer Prog and App Prog
hurlburtj@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8155 Tech (Building 9)
Room 232B
Faye M. Hyman Inst, Adult Basic Education
Adult Basic Education Program
Bill Ingram President
Office of the President
ingramb@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x6000 ERC (Building 5)
Room 200A
Hyacinth H. Ingram Senior Accounting Tech - A/P
A/P and Payroll Services
ingramh@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x1013 White (Building 1)
Room 159N
Lisa D. Inman Dean, Student Dev & Support
Student Development & Support
inmanl@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x1406 Wynn (Building 10)
Room 211B
William H. Jackson Respiratory Therapy Inst (PT)
Respiratory Therapy Program
Ashley M. Jackson E M S Instructor I I
Emergency Med Science Prog
Suzi Jaikaran Coordinator, Human Resources
Human Resources
jaikaranc@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x5104 White (Building 1)
Room 160C
Jessica D. James Opticianry Instructor (P/T)
Opticianry Program
Ernest Jannetta Coor/Instr, Fire Svces Ext
Fire Prot & Emergency Mgnt
jannettae@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x4016 Northern Durham Center, Bldg 1
Room 125
Tom Jaynes Executive Vice President
Instr. & Support Services
jaynest@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x6005 ERC (Building 5)
Room 200B
Donice M. Jeffries Accountant (P/T)
A/P and Payroll Services
Elizabeth R Jenkins GED Instructor (P/T)
High School Equivalency Prog