The Center for Workforce Engagement (CWE) supports the development and promotion of curriculum programming, and short-term and certification training that meets labor market demand and increases employment opportunities for our community. The CWE serves as the resource for creating work-based learning opportunities (e.g., apprenticeships, internships, etc.), within the College’s Guided Career Pathways, that create equitable opportunities for all students to develop the knowledge, skills, and networks needed to be successful in college, work, and life.

The Center for Workforce Engagement partners with:

  • External stakeholders, such as chambers of commerce, workforce and economic development agencies, community organizations, and local K-12 systems, to create opportunities that serve all students and target underrepresented and underserved communities.

  • Internal stakeholders, serving as the College’s resource for career preparation and placement for students and alumni and, supporting the development and strengthening of Guided Career Pathway advisory committees.
students speaking with company representatives at a career fair

Career Services

Prepares students and alumni for the workforce through services such as mock interviews, résumé preparation, job exploration, and career fairs.


instructor helps an employee learn computer skills

Corporate Services

Works with business and industry partners to assess, identify, develop, and deliver training solutions needed to equip and skill-up employees.

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To actively facilitate the advancement of student success and community impact, while meeting the growing need of the workforce community through collaborative partnerships with all stakeholders.


Jerry Jones
Executive Director
919-536-7200, ext. 8022

A student shakes hands with a recruiter during an interview

Human Resources Development

Provides skills and workforce assessments and employment skills training to students and business and industry partners.

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a barista smiles at a customer as she hands over a cup of coffee

Small Business Center

Connects entrepreneurs to critical resources and tools needed to develop business ideas to become viable, sustainable, profitable, and successful.


A mentor shows a student their machinery

Work-Based Education and Apprenticeship

Creates learning opportunities for students to engage with employers enabling students to gain valuable work experience.

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