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Full Name Title Email Phone Office
Michelle Marie Lapointe Instructor, Art (P/T)
Humanities and Fine Arts
Suzanne R. Laudadio Dir / Instr, Accounting Prog
Accounting Program
laudadios@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8067 White (Building 1)
Room 129A
Kurt J. Laudicina Academic Adv / Inst, ACA
Advising Services
laudicinak@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x1106 Wynn (Building 10)
Room 200D
Michael J. Law Fire Service Ext Inst (P/T)
Fire Prot & Emergency Mgnt
Richard A. Lawrence Dir / Inst Arch Tech
Architectural Technology Prog
lawrencer@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8143 Newton (Building 4)
Room 146
Richard T. Layton BLET Instructor (P/T)
Criminal Justice & Law Enforce
Margaret H Leatherberry Even/Weekend Coordinator CE
Continuing Education
leatherberrym@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x4011 CEC (Building 6)
Room 100
Adia J. Ledbetter Music Instructor (P/T)
Humanities and Fine Arts
John Lance Lee Coor, Fac Dev; Instr, Span
Foreign Languages
leej@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8187 Phillips (Building 3)
Room 102
Veronica Renee Lee Housekeeper
leev@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x6205 White (Building 1)
Room 127
James R. Lehmann E M S Instructor I
Emergency Med Science Prog
Kashama A Leo Early Childhood Inst (P/T)
Early Childhood Education Prog
Robert James Leonard Asst Dir, Financial Aid Oper
Financial Aid & Vet. Services
leonardr@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x1511 Wynn (Building 10)
Room 210D
Micara C. Lewis Ad Bus Tech / Edu ; Coor
Business Techn & Educ Progs
lewism@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x4406 White (Building 1)
Room 133A
Meredith A Lewis Librarian, Reference , O C C
lewisma@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x4211 Orange County Campus
Lori L Lewis Accounting Technician/Cashier
Student Accounts
lewisl@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x1006 White (Building 1)
Room 159I
Robert T. Lincoln Industrial Trades Instructor
Industrial Systems Techn Prog
Rachel Marissa Lithman Instructor, E A P
English for Academic Purp/Ce
lithmanr@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x3229 White (Building 1)
Room 147A
Stésha Little Resource Specialist, Gateway
Gateway to College Program
littles@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x3002 White (Building 1)
Room 112
Donna M. Littleton Director, Con Ed
Continuing Education Programs
littletond@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x4407 Duke St North
Room 129
Benjamin C. Lock Coor/Instr, Const Trades
Corporate Services
lockb@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x2803 Bacon (Building 20)
Room 130
Tabatha Locklear Part-Time Instructor, Health R
Continuing Education Programs
Andrew Colin Lomax Paramedic Inst (curr , P/ T)
Emergency Med Science Prog
David R. Long Dean, ASUT
Arts, Sciences & Univ Transfer
longd@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8025 Phillips (Building 3)
Room 105C
Justin B. Long Coor/Inst, Law Enforce Ext
Criminal Justice & Law Enforce
longj@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x4601 Northern Durham Center, Bldg 1
Room 100C
Ellen M. Loos Instructor, ESL (P/T)
English As a Second Language
James L. Lunsford E M S Instructor I I
Emergency Med Science Prog
Frances M. Lunsford Financial Aid Advisor
Financial Aid & Vet. Services
lunsfordf@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x1509 Wynn (Building 10)
Room 210K
Michael Xavier Lupa Instructor, Art (P/T)
Humanities and Fine Arts
James V Luxton Dispatcher
luxtonj@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x5500 Building 8
Betty A. Lyons Director, Abe
Adult Basic Education Program
lyonsb@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x3103 White (Building 1)
Room 103E
Arlene Lyons-Daniels Chief HSE Examiner
College and Career Readiness
lyonsdanielsa@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x3206 Wynn (Building 10)
Room 300C
Michelle L. MacAdam English Instructor (P/T)
English and Communications
Dorene M. MacKinnon Lead Resource Specialist
Gateway to College Program
mackinnond@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x2427 White (Building 1)
Room 121
Joyce A. MacPherson ESL OE Part-time Faculty
English for Academic Purp/Ce
Starlett L. Mack English Instructor P/T
English and Communications
Jennifer L. Macy Inst, First-Year Exp
First Year Exp & College Succ
macyj@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8188 Wynn (Building 10)
Room 307G
Joseph W. Magliocca Instructor, Chemistry (P/T)
Thomas Evoy Magrinat Instructor, Psychology
Social Sciences
magrinatt@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8050 Phillips (Building 3)
Room 322
Agatha V. Mak Tutor, Dvl Math Lab
Center for Academic Excellence
Virgil D. Malone Security Officer
malonev@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x5500 Building 8
Wilma M. Mann Instructor, ESL (P/T)
English As a Second Language
Shannon Mann Instructor, ESL (P/T)
English As a Second Language
Chris Mansfield Chair/Instr, Math; Dir Eng
Math, Engineering and Physics
mansfieldc@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8026 Collins (Building 2)
Room 164B
Michael A. Marecheau Security Officer (P/T)
marecheaum@durhamtech.edu Room Security Desk
Michael Marnell Humanities Instructor (P/T)
Humanities and Fine Arts
Miles S. Marsala Sociology Instructor (P/T)
Social Sciences
James D. Marsee Fire Protection Inst (P/T)
Fire Prot & Emergency Mgnt
Patronia Lee Marshall Application Developer
Information Technology Svcs
marshallp@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x6102 White (Building 1)
Room 164F
William F Martinez Security Officer (P/T)