Lyndsay Al-Shibli, instructor of Developmental English and Reading in Student Engagement and Transitions, is the 2012 Excellence in Teaching Award recipient at Durham Tech. Lyndsay was nominated by her peers for her innovation, dedication, creativity, and success in the classroom.

A colleague described her as "one of the most committed faculty members I have had the pleasure to work with in my eighteen years of experience. She has an innate desire to uphold excellence in the classroom, with committee work, and in all aspects of her job." Lyndsay is further described as a faculty member who is truly engaged and committed. "She is thoughtful in bother her preparation and delivery, and – most importantly – she is highly reflective, always looking for a better way to present material and create meaningful projects for her students.

In addition to her skill in the classroom, Lyndsay has served on numerous committees, readily taking on responsibility to move the work of those committees forward in constructive ways. She engages in continued professional development and has also assumed extra responsibilities by taking on board appointments and special projects within professional organizations. Lyndsay has been very active in the North Carolina Association of Developmental Educators, serving as Eastern Regional Chair and site coordinator for annual conferences and working as site coordinator of vendors at National Association of Developmental Educators conferences.

Lyndsay is described as taking what she learns and putting into action with integrity and perseverance. Furthermore, she is deeply invested in the success of her students and committed to creating classroom experiences that enrich their understanding of content while pushing them to learn new skills.