TLC: Advising 101 - Introduction to Advising for New Faculty Advisors

Start Date

February 11, 2019

Start Time

2:00 pm


Wynn Center, room 301

Presented by Kerry Cantwell, Assistant Dean, Student Support Services and Academic Advising Staff

Note - Tentative Location: Wynn Center, 10-301

Whether you’re new to Durham Tech or you’ve been here for over a decade, this interactive workshop may help you understand how advising works at Durham Tech. We’ll discuss the mission and philosophy of advising at Durham Tech; the basics of confidentiality, ethics and FERPA; our enrollment and registration processes; student placement; programs and plans of study; evaluation of student progress toward a credential; how to enter and lift advising restrictions; and some advising considerations for special populations. Participants are encouraged to also attend the Advising Technologies workshop at the same time the following week.

2-4 p.m.