College announces Do Great in Eight initiative

Durham Tech is launching its Do Great in Eight initiative, which is designed to improve students’ success.

In Fall 2024 the College will begin offering two-thirds of its courses in eight-week formats instead of a 16-week semester. Eight-week courses are offered in two consecutive terms during the Fall and Spring semesters. In-person, online, hybrid, and blended formats will be available.  

The move to eight-week courses began two years ago. Durham Tech began an effort to identify what colleges in North Carolina and the country were doing to increase the numbers of students achieving certificates, diplomas and degrees. That research showed that students at colleges offering courses in eight-week terms had higher rates of success.  

Key elements with Do Great in Eight include:  

Instead of enrolling in four or five classes for a 16-week term, students enrolled in eight-week courses will take no more than two to three classes each term.  

Academic expectations for eight-week courses are exactly the same as they are for 16-week classes. While assignments will be due more frequently, the course outcomes and credit are the same as for classes that were held over 16 weeks.  

The overall workload per semester will be comparable because students will be taking half the number of classes in the eight-week terms.  

“We are really looking forward to the impact this will have on our students in terms of retention, completion and economic mobility,” Durham Tech President J.B. Buxton said. “We will monitor outcomes and make adjustments as needed as we implement Do Great in Eight.”