Durham Tech grad celebrates landing job at Duke University Hospital

Josh Mook’s journey at Durham Tech began thanks to his dad. Now his dad has a son with an associate degree in applied science from the biomedical equipment program and a job at Duke University Hospital.

“I grew up working in my garage, tinkering, but I was not satisfied with just that. I wanted to work with things that helped people,” Mook said.  “I learned about the biomedical equipment program from my father. He knew people at Duke Hospital who went through the program. All things pointed to it being a wonderful program so that is the direction I chose.”

Mook chose Durham Tech because the school is one of the few in North Carolina to have the biomedical equipment program. The program specializes in the specific, on-the-job equipment, and Mook was drawn to the labs that were relevant to what he would be doing on the job.  

“I knew the program was strong, but I did research the Durham Tech community and culture; everything, down to their motto and what they stood for. I found out the culture is strong and that solidified my decision to attend,” Mook said. "I'm grateful now, because of Durham Tech’s program, to have the opportunity to go to work with Duke as a biomedical equipment technician.”

But it is more than the degree for Mook. He credits Durham Tech with not just the knowledge of a viable field, but personal growth, as well.

“I was that nervous, little kid in the back corner and now, thanks to Durham Tech and help from my family, I am more comfortable.  On the campus I grew as a person and in my career field,” Mook said.

Mook is a strong ambassador for the college and does not hold back from sharing his Durham Tech experience with others.

“I would choose Durham Tech 10 times over. My time there was amazing. I lived my best life on the campus,” Mook said. “Class size is smaller. You know your professors. You form a valuable relationship with them.”

Mook understood the importance of the qualities of Durham Tech and took advantage. He asked questions, he visited his academic advisor often, he got to know the staff. The once-reserved Mook found himself now reaching out for help and guidance.  

“After all the challenging work we all put in at Durham Tech, I am excited. I am humbled for the opportunity and by the support. Durham Tech has been with me every step of the way. Now to see their joy for me [for getting the Duke position] … it means a lot. Durham Tech is a family.”

Mook completed his program in fall 2023. With his degree, he will repair, maintain and support medical equipment ranging from anesthesia machines to the smallest thermometer at Duke University Hospital and he has his family — both his own family and his Durham Tech family to continue to support and encourage him. He leaves Durham Tech armed with a wealth of knowledge to successfully pursue his career.

“For anyone interested in going to Durham Tech, I say do it and never look back,” Mook said. “There will be struggles but ask for help. You will get it. Once you meet one goal, make another one and go for it.”