NCCU, Durham Tech announce guaranteed admission partnership to benefit transfer students

Durham Technical Community College and N.C. Central University announced Tuesday, Nov. 28, details of their Eagle Connect guaranteed admission program to enhance their transfer partnership and provide more supports for student success.  

The new guaranteed admission partnership is designed to make transferring more seamless for students who earn their associate degree from Durham Tech, then transfer to N.C. Central to complete their bachelor’s degree.    

The updated Eagle Connect Transfer Program includes:  

Provisions for guaranteed acceptance to N.C. Central University for program participants in good standing upon completion of an approved associate degree at Durham Tech.  

  • Assistance with the application process for N.C. Central.  
  • Opportunities to become familiar with N.C. Central staff and academic advisors to facilitate the transition.  
  • Academic advising from both institutions, including early advising from N.C. Central.  
  • Access to the James E. Shepard Library, Advising Resources and Career Center general advising support while still attending Durham Tech.  
  • Eligibility to purchase tickets to NCCU athletic and other campus events at the student discount rate while still attending Durham Tech, as well as increased opportunities for internships and studying abroad.
  • Eligibility for N.C. Central University’s Transfer Scholarship.  

“Durham Tech has long had a strong partnership with NC Central University. Today, we are strengthening it,” said Durham Technical Community College President J.B. Buxton. “N.C. Central University’s commitment to create early affiliation, seamless transition, and access to services and activities for our students will lead to an increase in the students who transfer and obtain bachelor’s degrees in our community. That’s good for students, for families, and for regional prosperity.”  

During Tuesday’s signing ceremony to formalize the new partnership, N.C. Central University Chancellor Johnson O. Akinleye reiterated the university’s commitment to helping students achieve success, and how the partnership with Durham Tech is a vital part of that mission.  

“North Carolina Central University stands with unwavering pride in the ongoing collaboration with Durham Technical Community College," Akinleye said. “Through the enhanced Eagle Connect program, we are transforming the academic experience, ensuring a seamless transition and an affordable, transformative learning experience for all students. This initiative promises timely graduation and opens doors to leadership and service opportunities, paving the way for student success. Together, North Carolina Central University and Durham Technical Community College will continue to forge a path where every student’s potential is unleashed, propelling them toward a future enriched with limitless possibilities.”    

Two students spoke at the signing ceremony about their experiences and what the enhancements mean to them.

Selnatta Vereen will be among the first students to benefit from the new transfer program. At 55, she said she’s not what people typically think of when they talk about transfer students. However, this program is significant for her.  

She was a first-generation college student, but her initial experience at a four-year institution after she graduated high school proved overwhelming for her and her family. After returning to Durham, she went to work at Duke, where she’s been for 27 years. She took a few courses at Durham Tech, but was concentrating on her job and raising her twins. With both of her children now adults with master’s degrees, Vereen decided it was time to return to get her degree. She is currently a Durham Tech student and plans to transfer to NCCU through the Eagle Connect program after she earns her associate degree.  

She said receiving academic advising from both institutions will be a great benefit, as well as the other new supports.  

“This is helping me pursue my dream,” she said.  

E. Gray Stanley graduated from Durham Tech and is now a junior at NCCU. He said the new enhancements will be extremely beneficial for students who follow him.  

“This is huge,” he said. “Getting to know faculty and be a part of campus life before enrolling at Central will make the transition so much easier. I would encourage everyone thinking about college to consider this program. I hope more students go this route and fulfill their dreams.”