New SGA president aims to help students connect with resources, make campus more inviting


New Durham Tech Student Government Association President Elle Hargrave has a clear vision for the role she sees the organization playing in the 2023-2024 school year. 

She wants SGA to continue to advocate for students. She also sees the organization as a conduit for providing the social experiences associated with college.  

“The biggest thing I want to do this year is make the school more accessible and more open and inviting for students,” Hargrave said. “A lot of students just come in, take their class, and then go home. They don’t know about the resources we have that could help them. They don’t know about the areas we have that you can socialize at.” 

Hargrave, now in her second year at Durham Tech studying marketing and public relations, said she also would love to see more outdoor seating and a sports area with a basketball court or a Frisbee area to expand the college experience. 

She is interested in hearing from students about their experiences on campus. She also wants to make sure students are getting information about all the College’s resources that improve the student experience.  

Since joining SGA last year, one of the biggest challenges Hargrave has seen the organization face has been getting people used to being back on campus and used to taking part in events again.  

“Last year was our first year of doing any in-person events again since the pandemic,” she said. “We’ve had pretty good turnout for events on campus, but of course we want it to be bigger.”  

In addition to her goals for this year, Hargrave is proud of what she already has accomplished. Over the summer, she joined community college SGA members from across the state to lobby Raleigh lawmakers to eliminate a provision from Senate Bill 692 that would have removed SGA presidents from being non-voting Board of Trustee members at their schools.  

“Because of the advocacy we did, we got it changed so now it’s a decision made by the individual colleges,” Hargrave said. 

Dway Stover, Durham Tech coordinator for Student Enrichment, said the Student Government Association is integral for student success at Durham Tech.  

“They are the student voices, faces, and advocates for creating a positive community college experience for their peers,” Stover said. “The SGA is a team of dedicated student leaders, that are developing professionals. These individuals are committed to everything from their schoolwork to student legislation.”  

Stover said students feel the effects of SGA’s work in multiple ways.  

“The SGA members’ service to the student body plays a vital role in preparing them for their matriculation and post Durham Tech days,” she said. "Their time and attention go together with efforts to provide support, understanding, and awareness of student needs from the scholar's perspective as the college continues to grow and thrive. Our SGA helps us to maintain the understanding that we must take care of the heartbeat of our institution, which is our students.”  

Students who are interested in joining SGA must meet certain requirements, including getting two recommendations from Durham Tech faculty or staff. To find out more, email