Service-Learning for Community Partners

For non-profit organizations working with service-learning students

Thank you for allowing our students to learn more about your work and cause. We seek mutually beneficial relationships with our community partners, and we desire to ensure a positive, productive relationship. We respect your time, so we keep our requirements for student service-learning volunteers to a minimum. In exchange for the student’s service, we ask you to do the following:

  • Provide any necessary orientations or trainings.

  • Identify appropriate tasks.

  • Provide a safe environment.

  • Sign the form attesting to the student’s hours served.

  • Complete a brief survey at the end of the student’s service (optional).

  • Contact Dway Stover, Coordinator, Student Enrichment at, if you have any feedback or concerns.

For nonprofit organizations interested in working with our students

Please contact Dway Stover, to discuss potential collaborations. Please provide a list of opportunities for which you’re seeking volunteers (position titles) and any requirements you have (age restrictions, required training or orientation, desirable skills, etc.).