Course Schedules

Use Self-Service to search credit classes by semester, subject, day, time, or location and view the number of seats available. 

If you wish to look for a single course, the Courses page on the website provides the course description and the schedule for upcoming courses.

Review the Course Delivery Methods webpage to learn about synchronous and asynchronous online courses.

Section Numbers (effective summer term 2021)

The section number (the last three digits of the section name) of a course provides additional information about the course. Example: In the section named ACA 122-102, 102 is the section number.

Abbreviations: Transf. = Transferrable; Non-Transf. = Non-Transferrable

Sections ending in "A" are Mini-Session I courses
Sections ending in "B" are Mini-Session II courses
Sections ending in "C" are RISE corequisite courses
Sections ending in "H" are Honors courses
Sections ending in "P" are Phages specific courses
Sections ending in "X" are off-cycle courses which a duration other than 8 or 16 weeks

Online courses have the section numbers: 001-099

Location Traditional Day Traditional Evening Hybrid (BL/HY) Day Hybrid (BL/HY) Evening
Main Campus 100-149 150-169 170-189 190-199
Northern Durham Center 200-249 250-269 270-289 290-299
Orange County Campus 300-349 350-369 370-389 390-399
Chesterfield 400-449 450-469 470-489 490-499
Duke Street North 500-549 550-569 570-589 590-599
American Tobacco Campus 600-649 650-669 670-689 690-699
Other Locations 900-949 950-969 970-989 990-999