To check your email, visit Microsoft Office 365.


Durham Tech's system for accessing course materials online, visit
Need help? Visit Canvas Support.


The College is transitioning to Canvas, however, faculty will be able to access their course materials and records on until June 30, 2024.


Self-Service provides employee information such as tax and earning statements and bank information. 


Visit WebAdvisor to activate your account. Employees will use this login information to access all College accounts. See below for frequently asked questions about WebAdvisor.

How do I activate my WebAdvisor account?

The URL for WebAdvisor is
Click on the Activate my Account link on the left-hand side of the screen.
Enter your User name and Durham Tech student ID number (see below) and click on the NEXT button and follow the screen prompts.

What is my User Name?

Last name (up to the first 15 letters), first initial, last 4 digits of your student ID. Ex. jonesb2222

What Next?

The screen will then ask you to enter:

  • Durham Tech ID Number: This is your 7-digit student ID number. Ex. 0082222. Select the Next button.
  • The last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
  • Your 8-digit birth date (Include 4-digit year) Ex. 05-12-1970
  • Your zip code (the zip code that is the most recent zip code that you applied to school with or if you had your address changed in the system)

Choose a password.

Choose a password. It must be between 8 and 20 characters in length and meet 3 of the 4 following requirements: lower case character (a-z) upper case character (A-Z) numeric (0-9) special character ( !@#$%^&()+= )
Click on Tip to see the password requirements (this will only show up if the password does not meet the requirements).

Choose a security question.

Choose your security question from the drop down list of questions.

Are the username and password case sensitive?

The username is case sensitive. The password is case sensitive and using a combination of upper and lower case creates a stronger password.

I forgot my password or How do I change my password?

Click on the "Forgot Password - Reset it" link found at the bottom of the main WebAdvisor screen or click on "Students" which will take you to a screen with links to retrieve your user ID, provide a hint, or reset your password. The screen will walk you through how to reset your password or read the directions.

My account has been disabled due to too many incorrect login attempts. What should I do?

There is no need to contact the system administrator. Simply wait 20 minutes and the system will reset your account automatically. Ensure that you are using the correct username and password and try logging in again.

How secure is my information?

Information is encrypted before it is transmitted over the Internet. You must provide a unique user name and password before any personal information is accessed. Data is encrypted before it is passed between the web server and the application server.

How do I print what's on my computer screen?

  • Click the Print icon on the Toolbar of your browser; or
  • Click "File," and then click "Print" in the drop-down menu. Then click OK in the displayed print dialog box; or
  • Click "File," and then click "Print Preview" and then click the "Print" button. You may also choose the page orientation (Landscape or Portrait) as well as the scale so that the data will fit on the page.

Still having trouble with WebAdvisor?

Web browser requirements

WebAdvisor is best viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer, but it will operate effectively with current versions of Google Chrome or Firefox browsers. On a Macintosh using OSX or greater, WebAdvisor will operate effectively with current versions of Safari and Firefox browsers. 

Slow response time

There are a number of conditions that might affect your response time in WebAdvisor. A slower response time can be related to traffic over the communication lines. Downloading large files will slow response time for all other users on the system. Make your queries as specific as possible. Instead of looking for all classes in a subject, specifiying the day and/or time will improve response time.

Enable cookies

WebAdvisor puts a session cookie on your computer when you log into the system. The cookie is erased when you close your browser. Cookies must be enabled for WebAdvisor to function correctly. If you have selected a high security setting for you web browser, cookies may be turned off. Google provides instructions for enabling cookies in popular browsers.

Error message "Maximum number of cookie values has been reached." What does this mean?

This message is caused by a program bug within WebAdvisor. Simply, Log out of WebAdvisor and Log In again.

This error may have been caused by opening four or more WebAdvisor hyperlink windows. For example, if you opened one hyperlink window (to check a particular section) and the hyperlink led you to an additional window (to view the section information), then you may have received this message. If several windows were opened in this manner, you may have triggered the error message.

The above steps didn't work?