Global Distinction Program Faculty Information

The Global Distinction program aims to develop global awareness and intercultural skills across the campus. Faculty become involved by either teaching an inherently global course, or by globalizing their own course section(s) of other courses.

Courses considered “inherently global” automatically count towards the Global Distinction program. All sections of these courses are listed as approved for Global Distinction.

Courses may also be “globalized” by incorporating globally themed content. Individual faculty choose to globalize a course; therefore, specific sections of a particular course taught by that faculty member would be included on the list of approved courses. For example, ENG 111 is not an inherently global course. However, if an instructor chooses to globalize, his/her section(s) would be listed.

We are always open to reviewing courses to include in the approved list. If you believe a course you teach should be considered global (either as inherently or by global content you include,) please review the evaluation criteria below and contact us.

If you are interested in globalizing a course, many resources are available to help in the process, from access to library and research assistance to ready-made modules to incorporate. Our partners at World View at UNC-Chapel Hill maintain a community colleges resource page which includes an extensive list of example global modules.

Criteria for Evaluating Courses with Significant Global Content*

The following criteria are used to determine whether a course counts toward the Global Distinction program. Faculty with questions about any of these criteria are encouraged to contact a member of the Global Distinction team before submitting a course for evaluation.

  1. Course demonstrates intentional effort to prepare students to live and work in an interconnected world. Preparation includes the ability to recognize and address issues and phenomena at global, international and local levels, as well as develop intercultural competencies. Course includes a substantial focus on one or more of the above abilities/competencies.

  2. Syllabus explicitly lists learning outcomes that involve global learning as a result of participation in the course. One or more of these outcomes should develop cultural competency.

  3. Assessment requires students to demonstrate learning that reflects the global dimension of the course.

  4. Instructional media (text and/or supplemental resources) help frame the subject of the course in global terms.

  5. Course includes assignments requiring students to grapple with global issues related to the subject of the course.

*Note: These criteria have been adapted and modified based on the Davidson County Community College model and the criteria developed by the Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) and the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU).

Submission Guidelines

Email the following to Shannon Hahn at for evaluation by the Global Distinction Team.

  1. In the body of the email, indicate:

    1. Instructor(s) name(s)

    2. Course number

    3. Anticipated first semester of offering. If the course is already being offered with this content, indicate (as best as known) when it was first offered as such.

  2. Copy of course syllabus, including specific learning outcome(s) that involve(s) global learning

  3. Attachment describing course assignments and assessments demonstrating that the course meets the above criteria. Please include an estimate of the percentage of the course grade that reflects assessment of students’ global competency. Note: We do not currently have a designated grade percentage required for global courses. However, the global content should represent either a significant assignment or be integrated throughout the course. Simply adding an activity with relatively low impact on the final grade is not sufficient.

Upon approval, the course will be included in the list of courses for the Global Distinction program. Courses will be periodically reviewed. However, if at any time, significant changes to the course content are made which may affect its meeting the above criteria, faculty agree to notify the Global Distinction team immediately.