Honors Program Symposium

Start Date

December 08, 2023

End Date

December 08, 2023

Start Time

11:00 am

End Time

12:30 pm



Please join us for the Fall 2023 Honors Program Symposium presentations and show your support for these bright, dedicated, and hard-working students. 

Bagels, snacks, and drinks will be served at both events. 

John Bradford (CHM 152, Hogrefe/Bing) and Mariela Pacheco (CHM 251, Bing): Continuing a project begun during the 2022 – 2023 academic year by the project mentor, Dr. Darryl Bing, John and Mariela will collaborate to determine whether a correlation exists between the strain of yeast and the magnitude of electrical potential generated.

Maevyn Hanks (HUM 150, DelVecchio): Mae's research will explore the portrayal of women in horror, focusing on how women are frequently dehumanized and objectified in pop culture.

Abe Keefer (ENG 112, MacAdam): Abe's research project will focus on disciplinary, non-injurious spanking as a traumatic childhood experience and how it affects children as they mature into adulthood.

Linda Uvalle (CTS 120, Green): Linda's project is situated on identifying appropriate computer equipment and software based on organizational needs and making recommendations based on continued suitability or obsolescence of existing hardware to support those projected organizational needs.

Hector Zapata (ENG 111, DelVecchio): Hector will use Kendrick Lamar's "Father Time" to explore how repressing one's emotions has become a normative experience for men and contributes to toxic masculinity.

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