New challenge coins recognize faculty excellence

front and back of challenge coin with durham tech seal and logoA new Durham Tech Academic Guided Career Pathways Faculty Challenge Coin will recognize instructors who go above and beyond for their students and make a significant impact at the College.

The challenge coin concept was introduced by Dr. Susan Paris, Vice President of Academics and Guided Career Pathways, and stems from her military background.

“Our faculty and adjunct faculty demonstrate hard work, diligence, innovation, and excellence in teaching on a daily basis and I wanted to find a way to reward the hard work that happens daily,” Paris said. “As a veteran, I was familiar with the concept of challenge coins and how highly regarded they are by service members.”

A faculty member must make a significant impact in one or more of the following areas to qualify:

• Academics
• Student Success
• Innovations in Pathways
• Equity and Inclusion

The Faculty Challenge Coin will be presented to at least one faculty member per semester. Both full-time and adjunct faculty are eligible.

The first recipient, Dr. Greg Nash, Instructor of Business Administration, was presented with the coin during a virtual meeting on November 4.

man standing holding. microphone
Greg Nash speaking at the Business Summit in March 2019.
“Greg Nash’s evaluations speak to his work building the confidence of his students to continue on their path, applying business principles to real life experiences; superior teaching and willingness to be innovative even when the outcome cannot be guaranteed, and to keep trying. He has also made an impact in our equity work,” Paris said.

Nash was selected solely by Paris as the first recipient, but Paris will consult with others to determine future recipients.

Student evaluations collected by the Research, Evaluation, Assessment and Planning department at the College also play a significant role in determining recipients.

The next Faculty Challenge Coin will be presented during Spring 2021.

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