Financial Aid and Voucher Charge Dates

Books and Supplies

Students may charge the following items to their student account in the bookstore (if there are sufficient funds in their account) not to exceed the dollar amount below:

Books - $1,500
Supplies - $300
Software/Technology - $1,000 (maximum limit; view information below)

Students who require more than these amounts and have it available in their financial aid, should contact Nadine Ford, Director of Financial Aid at

Credit card and debit card purchases may be made online now. 

Financial aid funds will be available online January 1-26, 2024 and in the bookstore beginning January 2.

To pay with financial aid, choose “Financial Aid" as the payment method and enter your full 7-digit student ID number as the account number.

After students receive a “Ready for Pickup” email then they can pick up their order at the bookstore during business hours. 

Refunds for books are accepted for up to 2 weeks (14 days) after purchase. Students must must have their receipt to obtain a refund 

Students may order books and supplies online at the Bookstore website or purchase them in the bookstore. Students will receive an email when their order is ready for pick up. Note that photo ID is required for pick up. Alternatively, purchases may also be shipped to a students' residence. Please allow two business days for order pick up or updated shipping status. Check your email for updates prior to contacting the bookstore. 

View the main bookstore webpage for the list of pick up dates.

Students will be able to charge only the books required for their scheduled classes and school supplies and may not charge non-school-related items to financial aid.

Software and Technology

Students may purchase only one laptop, one tablet, and one printer every two years with financial aid funds. 

Students may charge software and technology over the initial limit of $250 only after attending their first class. The course instructor must verify the student's attendance before a student can charge software or technology in excess of $250. Students should email their course instructor a completed Financial Aid Verification of Class Attendance form and request the instructor verify course attendance. The instructor should forward the form, using Durham Tech email, to the bookstore at and verify in the email that the student attended the first class during that time period. The instructor is not required to sign the verification form.

Students may request to purchase newly refurbished computers through partner nonprofit vendors for prices between $75-$150, with a select number of higher-end models available for $250. Learn more about the options and submit a request. Refurbished computer supply is limited. Please note that submitting a request does not guarantee that students will receive a computer through this process.

Students may also request to purchase Wi-Fi hotspots, which offer high-speed, unlimited Sprint 4G LTE service for $15/month to eligible households. There is a $60-$80 one-time equipment fee for the hotspot, and you may pre-pay data for 1-12 months. View more information on the Computer and Internet Assistance web page.

Please be mindful that students may not be able to charge the maximum limits on their account if they do not have enough financial aid to cover their charges. Students who have loans may not be able to use the total amount of the loan for purchases, due to federal regulations requiring one term loan be split into two equal payments, one at the beginning of the term and the other at the midpoint of the term.

For other options, such as how to purchase books from other online bookstores using financial aid, email Shaquanda Lindsey.