Mechanical Engineering Technician

Starting Salary

NC Triangle area

Median Annual Wage

NC Triangle area
% Some college, no degree
% Associate Degree

Job Outlook

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Annual Job Openings

NC Triangle area
Becoming a mechanical engineering technician is ideal for those who enjoy creating or tinkering with machinery.

This type of technician applies theory and principles of mechanical engineering to modify, develop, test, and calibrate machinery and equipment under the direction of engineering staff or physical scientists. Job tasks may also include analyzing test results in relation to design or rated specifications and tests objectives; modifying equipment to meet specifications; reviewing project instructions and blueprints to ascertain test specifications, procedures, and objectives; and testing the nature of technical problems such as redesign.

Students wanting to embark on this career path can start by earning a Maintenance Certificate from the Durham Tech Industrial Systems Technology program. Classes include Print Reading, Introduction to Maintenance Procedures, and Pumps and Piping Systems.