EDU-221 Children With Exceptionalities

This course covers atypical patterns of child development, inclusive/diverse settings, evidenced-based educational/family plans, differentiated instruction, adaptive materials, and assistive technology. Emphasis is placed on the characteristics of exceptionalities and delays, early intervention/special education, transitions, observation, developmental screening, formative assessment of children, and collaborating with families and community partners. Upon completion, students should be able to recognize diverse abilities, describe the referral process, identify community resources, explain the importance of collaboration with families/professionals, and develop appropriate strategies/adaptations to support children in all environments with best practices as defined by laws, policies and the NC Foundations for Early Learning and Development.

The following courses must be completed prior to taking this course:
Take one set: Set 1: EDU-144 and EDU-145, Set 2: PSY-244 and PSY-245, Must complete EDU-144 EDU-145 or PSY-244 PSY-245 with, minimum grade C

Offered: Spring, Summer

Upcoming Class Offerings

Dates Location Building Room Time Format
1/8 - 3/4
1/8 - 3/4
Main Campus
T 6:00:00 PM - 8:00:00 PM
5/20 - 7/16