COM-3711CJ Reading and Writing for AP - B

This INTERMEDIATE level content-based course will focus on developing READING and WRITING English skills necessary to succeed in academic settings. Assignments will emphasize critical thinking and integrative skill development through reading and writing activities using high-interest materials. Students will learn to recognize common structures of reading materials and learn the foundation of academic writing. The course utilizes a content-based language teaching approach, which means students will use English to communicate knowledge and ideas about a variety of academic content topics like anthropology, art, biology, business, ecology, economics, history, literature, psychology, and sociology. Students are expected to complete all homework assignments on time. Required Textbook: Pathways 3 Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking by Mari Vargo and Laurie Blass, National Geographic Learning, 2ndEdition, ISBN 978-1-337-40779 Units 1-5 will be covered in Spring 2021 The textbook may not be available for purchase outside of the united States. This is an asynchronous course with OPTIONAL meeting times.