Spring Semester 2024 Courses with Honors Options

If your course is not on this list and you are interested in pursuing an honors project this semester, please ask your instructor if they will mentor you. 

ART 114-300 (Kerrigan)
ART 115-100 (Kerrigan)
ART 115-101 (Kerrigan)
ART 131-100 (Postell)
ART 240-100 (Postell)

BIO 110-001 (A. Ward)
BIO 110-002  (A. Ward)

BIO111-100 (Broussard)
BIO 111-101(Broussard)
BIO 111-190 (C. Ward)
BIO 111-300 (C. Ward)
BIO 111-390 (C. Ward)
BIO 275-100 (Broussard)

CHM 251-100 (Bing)
CHM 252-150 (Bling)

CTI 110-001 (Hugh)
CTI 110-002 (Hugh)

CTS-120-170 (Green)
CTS-140-001 (Neal)
CTS-220-170 (Green) 
CTS-255-170 (Neal)
CTS-3255A-90744 (Green): Continuing Ed.

ENG-111-012 (DelVecchio)
ENG-112-105 (DelVecchio)
ENG-112-003 (DelVecchio)
ENG-112-004 (DelVecchio)
ENG 241-001 (Bingham)
ENG 241-100 (Bingham)

HUM 150-001 (DelVecchio)

NET-125-170 (Green)
NOS-230-001 (Neal)

SPA 211-101 (Garcia-Vargas)
SPA 211-102 (Gracia-Vargas)