GoTriangle Routes will remain Fare Free until June 2024 which allows unlimited rides on GoDurham, GoRaleighChapel Hill Transit, and GoTriangle systems. 

GoPass is a free student bus pass that allows eligible Durham Tech students to ride city and regional buses to and from the College's campuses in Durham and Orange counties via the Triangle transit. It is designed to help support students with transportation when classes are in session or when college activities occur.

GoPass Eligibility

College Students (Credit or Curriculum)

Every student who is actively enrolled in a college course or courses with three or more credit hours is eligible. If your enrollment drops below three credits, your pass will be deactivated.

College and Career Readiness Students

Students who are actively enrolled in the following programs are eligible:

Students enrolled in Pre-GED Online courses, GED Online courses, and New Beginnings Workshop (NEWBW) are not eligible for a GoPass.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Students

Students actively enrolled in all levels of ESL and Beyond Basic ESL courses are eligible.

Continuing Education Students

Students who are actively enrolled in the following continuing education courses are eligible:

  • Community Health Worker Basic Training
  • Dialysis Technician
  • EKG Technician
  • EMT Initial
  • Esthetician (When the program is housed on Main Campus)
  • Nursing Aide I
  • Nursing Aide II
  • Nursing Aide I Refresher
  • Phlebotomy (Day)
  • Phlebotomy (Evening)
  • Central Sterile Processing
  • Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (Day)
  • Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (Evening)
  • HRD - Resumes from Start to Finish
  • HRD - Workforce Ready Re-Entry
  • HRD - The New Line on Production
  • HRD - Job Search Plus: LinkedIn and Beyond
  • HRD - Job Search Strategies for Mature Professionals
  • HRD - Go for the Gold!
  • HRD - Tech Awareness for the Workplace
  • NC Works Job-Driven Intitiative
  • START: Careers in Hotel and Lodging

Obtaining a GoPass

GoPasses can be picked up in the Campus Police and Public Safety office in Building 8 on Main Campus. Students can get your GoPass the same time you get your student ID and parking pass.

Using the GoPass

The GoPass allows unlimited rides on GoDurham, GoRaleigh, Chapel Hill Transit, and GoTriangle. Students can also access the Orange-Chapel Hill Midday Connector for part of the week and the Hillsborough Circulator, both of which are part of the Orange County Public Transportation system.

Trips can be planned through the GoTriangle website. 

You will need your GoPass and Durham Tech student ID card to ride the bus for free. If your bus has an electronic farebox next to the driver, swipe your GoPass through it after you show your student ID to the driver. 

When can you use your GoPass

The Durham Tech GoPass is valid Monday through Friday and can be used only to travel to and from campus. The GoPass isn't to be used when the College is closed for holidays and breaks.  

Tips for first-time riders

  • Arrive at your stop five-to-10 minutes early and wait where the operator can see you.

  • As the bus approaches, check the sign above the front window to make sure it’s the route and destination you want.

  • Signal the operator that you wish to board.

  • Be ready with your student ID and GoPass. 

  • Stay back from the curb, and wait until the bus comes to a full stop before boarding.

  • Disabled passengers have priority seating in the side seats and first rows in the front of buses, so allow them priority in those seats.

  • If the bus is crowded, GoTriangle allows passengers to stand. If there appears to be no standing room, please wait for the bus operator to create room.

  • Major stops are announced. If you’re new to the area, just ask the operator to call out your destination.

  • About a block before you want to get off, push the black or yellow plastic strip or pull the cord above your head to request the next stop.

  • Exit through the rear door.

How to maintain your GoPass 

How to keep the pass activated

Your GoPass is active as long as you are active at Durham Tech. If you maintain continuous enrollment in eligible courses, your pass will continue to work for the entire academic year.

When to renew

For Durham Tech students, GoPass is an annual pass with an effective date starting each August. Eligible students may obtain their new GoPasses every August through the Campus Police & Public Safety Office.

What deactivates your GoPass 

  • When your enrollment ends or when you don't go to class: If you withdraw from classes or stop attending, you will no longer be eligible to use the pass. GoPasses will be deactivated for students who are no longer enrolled.
  • When you let another person use your GoPass: Each individual GoPass may only be used by the student who is eligible and assigned that pass. You may not give, transfer, or sell the GoPass to another person or temporarily allow another person to use the GoPass. GoPasses will be deactivated for students who do not comply with this requirement.

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