The statutes of the State of North Carolina provide for the organization and administration of a community college system under the direction of the State Board of Community Colleges. The 15-member board has full authority to adopt all policies, regulations, and standards it deems necessary for the operation of the system. Members of the State Board are appointed by the governor and the General Assembly. The State Board has three major functions: equitable distribution of funds and fiscal accountability; establishing and maintaining state priorities; and educational program approval and accountability.

Durham Technical Community College is governed by a Board of Trustees. Four members of the Board are appointed by the governor, four are appointed by the Durham County Board of Commissioners, four are appointed by the Durham Public Schools Board of Education, and two are appointed by the Orange County Board of Commissioners. Trustees serve four-year terms and set local policy for the College. One trustee serves as an ex officio, non-voting member of the Board, by virtue of their election as the College’s Student Government Association (SGA) President, pursuant to General Statutes 115D-12(a). The Board is governed by a set of bylaws.


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Meetings and Public Comment

All regularly scheduled meetings of the full Board of Trustees shall include a period of up to fifteen minutes for public comment. Persons who wish to provide public comment shall notify the Board Chair of the intent to speak at least forty-eight hours in advance of regular meetings. Each person will have a total of up to three minutes to speak. Each person shall speak and submit written comments concurrently to the Board Chair at the meeting. Persons requesting to speak will have one opportunity to bring a specific matter before the Board of Trustees. The person will receive an acknowledgement from the President following the regular meeting that the matter was presented. To request an opportunity to provide public comment, email