When students visit the testing center they are asked whether they speak US English as their first language and if they have graduated from a US high school. If students answer “No” to one or both of these questions, they are given the Accuplacer ESL test (see pages 14-18 for specific ESL test preparation material).

In addition, any students who desire to enroll in a health technology program and who do not speak US English as their first language must meet minimum listening and speaking scores regardless of past coursework in the US or abroad. More information can be found under the Health Technology English Language Requirement section.

  • All students who take the Accuplacer ESL test meet with the Director of Academic EFL who evaluates their placement test scores.

  • In addition to the test scores, the director bases placement on an interview, and students may be asked for a writing sample in order to accurately determine skill level.

  • If students meet the skill level criteria, then they will be directed to take the RISE test in reading, writing, and math.

  • If students meet the required RISE score, they will place into ENG 111.

  • If students do not meet the required RISE score, then they would be placed into the appropriate EFL course(s) based on the interview and the test scores on RISE (typically Level 3 or Level 4 EFL).

There is no fee for the Accuplacer ESL Test, but students need to sign up for the test after they have been admitted to the college.

Please bring the following required items with you on testing day:

  • Photo identification card (ID)

  • Durham Tech student ID number

The Accuplacer ESL test is an untimed, computerized, multiple-choice test that helps EAP director/faculty evaluate your English skills to place you into appropriate classes.

All students who are interested in a health and wellness degree or diploma programs will have to meet the English Language Requirement Health and Wellness programs.

If you require additional information or have questions, please email Paula Wilder, the Director of Academic English.