Student Email Transition: Frequently Asked Questions

The transition to move student emails from Gmail to Microsoft Office 365 will occur the week of May 13 and conclude on May 18. The College is moving student email to Microsoft Office 365 in order to move students and employees onto the same email platform.

Here are some key things to know:

Will student email addresses change?

Every student WILL have a small but major change to their email address. It will still be part of the Durham Tech domain, but we are dropping the “connect” part of the email address.

For example, if your email address was, it will become Where you log in to access your account will also change. To log in to email, visit To access other associated applications after the switch to Microsoft, visit Your password will remain the same.

What happens when I log into Office 365 using my old email address?

Current students whose emails were migrated from Google to Microsoft will still have the ability to log in using their Connectmail address, but they will still have to log in to Office 365.

Will students now using the Google platform lose the emails in their accounts?

No. The college will migrate emails. However, you will NOT have access to your student email from May 13 to May 18.

How will tools and related interfaces change? 

Microsoft Office 365 offers a variety of tools and services similar to those offered by Google. We recommend Microsoft 365's online dashboard if you are more accustomed to using Google's products like Google Docs and Google Drive.

  • Students using Gmail will now use Outlook
  • Students using Google Docs for document editing will now use Microsoft Word
  • Students using Google Drive for storing and sharing files will now use Microsoft OneDrive 
  • Students using Google Slides for making presentations will now use Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Students using Google Sheets for making spreadsheets will now use Microsoft Excel

After this transition, students will need to use Microsoft 365 applications to access their college email account and share files. Although the look and feel will initially be different, the basic functionality will be the same.

Where do I go for help with the transition if I need it? 

If you encounter any issues with the migration, please reach out to

Troubleshooting your New Email Address

If you are a current student having problems accessing your new email address in Microsoft Office, here are some troubleshooting tips that also may help:

  • Verify the student email address you are using. With the move to Microsoft, there is a small but important difference. We dropped the “connect” part of the email address. For example, if your email address was, it will become 
  • To log in to email and associated applications after the switch to Microsoft, visit Your password remains the same.
  • If your new email address does not work (, try your previous address (  The “connect” part might have been appended to your new address.
  • Google is a separate system, which means students may try to use their old Gmail password to access their Microsoft account. Since we merged your email with your Microsoft account, use the password you use to access Canvas/Self-Service.

If you are encountering any problems, please reach out to Include in your email information about any of the troubleshooting tips you attempted. This will assist us in assisting you. Please include your name, Colleague ID, and username if possible.