Interlibrary Loan Can Benefit You!

Submitted by Durham Tech Library on

If we don't have something you need, we can probably get it!

As great a collection as we have, Durham Tech Library doesn't have ALL the books we'd love to have. With the funding we receive, we try to purchase books most needed to support courses being taught at the college, but we can't buy everything that we want and that our very diverse users would like. Even if a book isn't in our immediate collection, though, we might still be able to get access to it, so if you don't see a book you want, ask us! We can usually get books through interlibrary loan, which is when we borrow a book from another library. To request a book, you can:
  • come to the front desk in the library to let us know what you'd like,
  • send us an email,
  • complete the online request form,
  • Screenshot of the library catalog with a circle around the "ALL" selection to search all community college libraries instead of just Durham Tech Librariesor request the item directly from the online catalog. To do this, search the collections of all of the community colleges in North Carolina by selecting "All" (see image to the right), and when you find the item you want, click "Place Hold" on the left side (see image below).
Screenshot of an item entry in the library catalog with a circle around "Place Hold" on the left side. It usually takes at least a week for us to get a book from another library, so please don't wait until the day before something is due to see what resources you might need. We can also get articles from other libraries if you can't find them in our online databases. Anytime you need information or materials, please let us know, and we'll see if we can get those materials for you.