Let's Celebrate Black History, Resistance, and Joy for Black History Month

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Resilience, Resistance, and Radiance: A Tribute to Black History

Black History Month is more than a calendar event--it’s a tapestry of resilience woven by generations.

As we honor the past, let’s remember the indomitable spirit of those who paved the way. From Harriet Tubman’s clandestine journeys on the Underground Railroad to the eloquence of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s I Have a Dream” speech, their courage echoes through time.

The Underground Railroad: Authentic Narratives and First-Hand Accounts by William Still
The Gift of Black Folk: The Negros in the Making of America by W.E.B. Du Bois
Riding Jane Crow: African American Women on the American Railroad by Miriam Thaggert

Resistance is etched into the DNA of Black history. It’s the refusal to be silenced, the audacity to demand justice. We elevate struggles such as the Montgomery Bus Boycott, where ordinary people sparked extraordinary change. Give thanks to Rosa Parks, whose quiet defiance, ignited a movement that would shake the world. Let’s honor the countless unsung heroes who stood tall


How Do You Library?: Right to Read Day

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It's National Library Week and, while we celebrate Banned Books Week in the fall, the first weekday of National Library Week always highlights an individual's right to choose their own reading materials or choose age-appropriate materials for those in their care without restricting others' access. What can you do to help or "celebrate" Right to Read Day? You can always read a banned or challenged book . The American Library Association, a professional association for all kinds of libraries-

A New Face in the Library: Welcome, Adrian!

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The Durham Tech Library is thrilled to introduce our new library team member, reference librarian Adrian Knight (he/him). Adrian has worked in the NC Community College library system for several years and most recently comes to us from College of the Albemarle. A traveler since infanthood, Adrian currently has 48 stamps on his passport with Italy as his favorite place he's visited so far and was actually born in Vatican City. He also loves cooking (especially Italian food) and is excited to

In Memoriam: Rachel Smith, Northern Durham Center Librarian

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The Durham Tech Library staff is heartbroken to announce the death of Rachel Smith, our Northern Durham Center Librarian and off-site library liaison. We are shocked and devastated, and in addition to feeling Rachel's loss at our college, we are incredibly sad for her family’s loss. Rachel joined our Durham Tech Library team in January 2020. Ten weeks later, we were all off-campus and trying to adapt to new, uncharted circumstances. To help support our campus community during the transition

We Have a Podcast!

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The Durham Tech Library is happy to announce that our new podcast, Out Loud in the Library, is live! Listen to my voice as you drive to work, fold laundry, play games on your phone, or sit staring creepily into the distance. You can find it on Spotify, Podbean, and Google Podcasts. Soon to be available through Apple Podcasts as well (slight delay because Apple). Each episode will feature library updates and an interview with a student, staff, or faculty member from Durham Tech. Our very first

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff-- Please do not bring your bag of snakes to the library. Thank you.

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It (probably?) should go without saying that snakes and other pets are not allowed in the Durham Tech Library, but just in case you were wondering, based on a pretty popular news article going around lately, service animals must be approved as per college policy. Snakes are not approved service animals. If you want to know more about snakes and other animals, check out books in call letter S (for some specific domestic animals) and QL (for animals galore!), including some of the awesome picks

Open Education Week: March 4-8, 2019

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There are worldwide events and webinars this week to increase awareness about textbook costs as barriers to education and the potential for technology to enhance teaching and learning. Durham Tech Library advocates for Open Educational Resources and provides support for faculty and staff interested in exploring OER. Stop by the Main Campus or Orange County Campus libraries to pick up an OER button to show your support. Here are some resources to help you learn more: Open Education North Carolina

Textbook Costs Got You Down? You're Not Alone. Help Is on the Way.

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[caption id="attachment_4332" align="alignright" width="371"] " New desk in use" by brewbooks is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.[/caption] NC LIVE recently announced that it is wading into the Open Educational Resources waters with a new initiative, Open Education North Carolina. NC LIVE's initiative "aims to reduce the cost of higher education for North Carolina students by providing free, open e-textbooks for 30 of the most frequently-taught courses across North Carolina’s colleges and

Happy retirement to Irene Laube!

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The library staff want to thank Irene Laube for her 27 years of service to Durham Tech Libraries. She began her career with the college as a part-time reference librarian in 1989, transitioned to Coordinator of Library Services, Director, and now retires, June 1, 2017 as Associate Dean. [caption id="attachment_3307" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Irene Laube, early 1990's staff photo[/caption] Irene has worked tirelessly throughout her career to build connections with faculty, staff, and

We're inspired by Marley Dias and her campaign for diverse children's books

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Marley Dias, age 11, is an inspiration! When she got frustrated by the lack of diversity in her school’s required reading, she did something about it. One evening at dinner, she spoke to her mom about her frustration. "I told her I was sick of reading about white boys and dogs," Dias said, pointing specifically to "Where the Red Fern Grows" and the "Shiloh" series. Dias’ activist mother helped her realize that she could do something about it. Marley told her mother that she was "going to start a