What We're Reading: Open Mic Night at Westminster Cemetery

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open mic night at westminster cemetary by mary amato book cover This book was read by Meredith Lewis, the [mostly] Orange County Campus Librarian, and is available for checkout at the Orange County Campus Library. Title: Open Mic Night at Westminster Cemetery: A Novel in Two Acts Author: Mary Amato Genre: Fantasy [because ghosts talking and stuff]. Is there a "imagined conversations between ghosts in graveyards" fiction genre? Because this fits that one, too. #ReadGreatThings2018 Category: A book that contains a supernatural creature, occurrence, or event Find out more about the Read Great Things Challenge here.
Why did you choose to read this book?
The summary alone did it for me: A teenager wakes up in a graveyard, but instead of the numerous other ways that story could go, she discovers she's dead... and already in trouble with the appointed rule-keeper of the cemetery due to language (strike 1) and emotional outbursts (strike 2). Lacy is charming and trying to be as self-aware as a new ghost can be while the other inhabitants of the graveyard both rely on their routine and want something more. Oh, and dead Edgar Allan Poe is there. Need I say more? 
What did you like about it?
It was just overall very charming. I also really like books where historical figures show up in some way. Oh, and there's the whole graveyard fiction thing, which I also like (apparently). But seriously, the characters were engaging and it wasn't too heavy-- sometimes you just need a light read.
Who would you recommend the book to?
Anyone who needs a light read this time of year. Anyone who needs a little whimsy with their spirit of Edgar Allan Poe. Fans of open mic nights. 
What would you pair this book with? 
A little bit of bravery to stand up to "how things have always been done"... and some cinnamon crumb cake. 
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