Your Voice, Your Vote 2022: Have You Registered?

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As you may have noticed if you listen to the radio or watch local news, election season is upon us once again.

While national elections make a lot of noise, local election outcomes have the ability to impact folks' day-to-day lives, so if one of your 2022 goals is to be more civically engaged, participating in local elections can be a good place to start.

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This Friday, April 22 is the deadline to get or update your voter registration in order to participate in primary elections.

Wait! Does this mean that you won't be able to vote in future elections if you don't register now? Nope. You can register and vote in future election, but it's always good to get in your paperwork early.

Curious about how to register to vote in North Carolina and information about voter's rights, your ballot, and more?

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For a general FYI for NC voters, Democracy North Carolina, a nonpartisan group whose mission is to "[use] research, organizing, and advocacy to increase voter participation, reduce the influence of big money in politics and achieve a government that is truly of, by and for the people" has a general resources page that includes information on registration and polling places, in addition to a NC Voters' Bill of Rights (Spanish version is also available). 

If your primary residence is outside of North Carolina and you think you're eligible to vote, the federal government has a voter registration information page. Be aware that different states have different rules, registration deadlines, and requirements. 

Remember: Your vote is your own. By providing these resources, we are not encouraging your to vote one way or another or endorsing any candidates. The intent of these resources is to help you know what type of information is available to you to help make your decision.