Graphic Designer

Starting Salary

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Median Annual Wage

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% Bachelor's degree
% Some college, no degree

Job Outlook

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When you see a blue, chirping bird, you think of Twitter. When you see a red, bold target, you think of Target. Logos are a key part of a company’s branding, and they were all created by graphic designers.

Graphic designers use various mediums to build graphics to meet the client’s specific commercial and/or promotional needs. They determine the right sizes and styles needed, prepare illustrations and rough sketches of the product, and produce the final piece with design computer software.

Students can earn their Associate in Fine Arts degree or Associate in Arts degree to get started towards this position. The Associate in Arts emphasizes courses like business, English, fine arts, foreign languages, history, philosophy, psychology, and sociology, while the Associate in Fine Arts curriculum courses focus on visual arts and includes general education offerings emphasizing the development of analytical skills, written and oral communication, and competencies in math and science.