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Full Name Title Email Phone Office
Jonathan Cook Coordinator / Instructor, Engl
English and Communications
cookj@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8007 Phillips (Building 3)
Room 228
Lindsay Cooper Instructor, Economics (P/T)
Social Sciences
Mary Cooper Instructor, History (P/T)
Humanities and Fine Arts
Synthia Cooper Instructor
Adult Basic Education Program
coopers@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x3101 White (Building 1)
Room 126
Hortensia Corcino de Lopez Foreign Language Instructor
Foreign Languages
Vinson Cornett Coordinator / Instructor
Construction Trades Programs
cornettv@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x2808 Newton (Building 4)
Room 140
Kayla Corredera-Wells Coord/Instr, Paramedic Edu
Emergency Med Science Prog
correderawellsk@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x4207 Orange County Campus
Room 108C
Kelly Cosby cosbyk@durhamtech.edu
Austin Coulson coulsona@durhamtech.edu
Danielle Coulson coulsond@durhamtech.edu
Robert Cox Adjunct, Industrial Trades
Construction Trades Programs
coxr@durhamtech.edu Newton (Building 4)
Room 115
Rebecca Ann Coyne Instr, Amer Sign Lang (P/T)
Foreign Languages
Sandra Craig Instructor, Chemistry (P/T)
Ernest Craige Adjunct Instructor, ESL
English As a Second Language
Chris Crain BLET Instructor (P/T)
Criminal Justice & Law Enforce
Jonathan Craven Law Enforcement Ext Inst P/T
Criminal Justice & Law Enforce
Anne Creech creecha@durhamtech.edu
William Creech Instructor
Automotive Systems Techn Prog
creechw@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8189 Newton (Building 4)
Room 142
Sandra Crockett Instr, Medical Term (P/T)
Office & Medical Office Admin
Lisa Croucher Instructor (P/T)
English As a Second Language
Andrew Crumbley Law Enforcement Ext Inst P/T
Criminal Justice & Law Enforce
John Crutchfield Program Dir E&I Systems
Electrical Systems Techn Prog
crutchfieldj@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8140 Ingram (Building 11)
Room 234
DeLois Cue Coordinator
Corporate Services
Jason Cupp cuppj@durhamtech.edu
Olga Cupp Coord/Instructor, EAP
English for Academic Purp/Ce
cuppo@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x3229 White (Building 1)
Room 151
Norman Curet Instr, Mathematics (P/T)
Math, Engineering and Physics
Shana Curl BULLS Resource Specialist
Biopharma/Biowork Program
curls@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x1127 White (Building 1)
Room 133A
Glory Dan-Dukor Instructor, Biology (P/T)
Shawna Daniels Early Childhood Inst (P/T)
Early Childhood Education Prog
Cole Daniels Instructor I I I (P/T)
Emergency Med Science Prog
Stacey Daniels Instructor (P/T)
Continuing Education Programs
Christopher Danz Adjunct, Industrial Trades
Construction Trades Programs
Cynthia Darnell Instructor, Biology (P/T)
Leigh Davidson Instructor (P/T)
English As a Second Language
Catherine Davies-Payne Instructor (P/T)
English for Academic Purp/Ce
Taylor Davis davista@durhamtech.edu
Marc Davis Instructor, Economics (P/T)
Social Sciences
Jillian Davis Assistant Director
Coll Recruit & High Schl Partn
jillian.davis@durhamtech.edu Building 6
Room 100
Andre Davis Director, Student Enrichment
Student Enrichment
davisap@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8122 Wynn (Building 10)
Room 307F
Angela Davis Vice President, CTEO
Office of the President
davisa@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x6002 Phillips (Building 3)
Room 101B
Justin Davis Clinical Coord / Instr
Emergency Med Science Prog
davisj@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x4208 Orange County Campus
Room 108E
Tammie Davis Instructor, Pharmacology
Dental Laboratory Techn Prog
davist@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8108 Tech (Building 9)
Room 120B
Cordelia DeCosta Asst Dir, Financial Aid Oper
Financial Aid & Vet. Services
decostac@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x1513 Wynn (Building 10)
Room 210E
James DePalma Instructor, History
Humanities and Fine Arts
depalmaj@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8009 Phillips (Building 3)
Room 227
Victoria Deaton Equity Compliance Officer
Ofc. of Equity & Inclusion
deatonv@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x6013 Phillips (Building 3)
Room 103C
Marina DelVecchio Instructor, English
English and Communications
delvecchiom@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8017 Phillips (Building 3)
Room 208
Marta Delgado delgadom@durhamtech.edu
Charles Dellerman Part-time CSP Instructor
Continuing Education Programs
Joseph Derilus Sergeant / Shift Supervisor
Campus Police
derilusj@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x5555 Building 8
Room 103
Jacob Deuterman Coor, Campus Harvest Food
Student Engagement & Resources
deutermanj@durhamtech.edu 919-536-7200 x8194 Phillips (Building 3)
Room 110A