Mail courier services are provided through Facility Services for distribution of Durham Tech’s business-related mail. The College mail service is not for personal mail. Mail is picked up and distributed twice daily. Interoffice mail should be addressed to include the individual's name, department, and/or building. All mail sent to the public must be typed, not handwritten.

Employees are also requested to type their names and departments on all returnable envelops. For mailings of more than 200 pieces, costs may be reduced through bulk mailings. There is no weight limit. Because bulk mailings require special handling, contact Mail Services a few days prior to the mailing for assistance and to request pick up. Bulk mailings of over 2,500 pieces require the Facility Services Director’s approval to ensure that sufficient postage is available in the college’s account at the US Post Office.

State courier delivery service is available to provide mail service at reduced costs to state, city, and county governmental agencies; community colleges; and the state university system. Employees should use this service when sending letters or packages to other governmental agencies by marking “Courier Delivery” and affixing an agency identification number.

Employees should contact Shipping/Receiving in the Facility Services Department for pickup of packages that cannot be placed in mail drops. It is important that packages have proper mailing labels and information about the packages' value when insurance is required.