Work order requests should be submitted via email to the appropriate Building Coordinator. The Building Coordinator will submit the requests to Facility Services.

Requests for equipment and furniture moves or removal require five working days notice. Requests for printer, copy paper, and lab products are also submitted through the Work Order Request system and must include the account code, quantity, type of product, and delivery date requested.

Requests related to events should be submitted to your Building Coordinator at least seven working days in advance. All other requests require at least ten working days before service is needed.

Building Coordinators

Building Contact Phone Extension
White (Building 1) Nikki Williams 5101
Collins (Building 2) Erin Popov 8100
Phillips (Building 3) Mary Stanley 8010
Newton (Building 4) Rhonda Nottingham 8148
ERC (Building 5) Charles Farrow 1610
Building 6 Tracy Johnson 2006
Facility Services (Building 7) Anne Harris 6213
Building 8 Leslie Scott 5503
Tech (Building 9) Belinda Wiley 8112
Wynn (Building 10) Alfreda Gregory 8029
Ingram (Building 11) Jamia McIver-Eshiet 8156
Bacon (Building 20) TBA TBA
ATC Altarius Moody 4318
Chesterfield Beth Payne 4304
Northern Durham Center Donna Matheson 4417
Orange County Campus Candace Kester 4203
Summit (DSN) April Beyah-Joseph 4320


Role of Building Coordinators

  • Assist in facilitating work order requests for their assigned building and area.
  • Monitor the condition of a specific building and its surrounding area for the good of the college community.
  • Approve and track all Facility Services work order requests generated by any department in their assigned building.
  • Generate a monthly report illustrating the status of all work order requests in their area of responsibility.

View a more detailed description of Building Coordinators and Building Safety Captain roles.