Campus Police and Public Safety General Orders 



Policy Name:

Campus Police and Public Safety General Orders


Tom Jaynes
Executive Vice President, Academics and Student Engagement


Campus Police and Public Safety

Effective Date:

November 2016

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NCGS § 115D-21.1


Policy Statement

In accordance with NCGS § 115D-21.1, the Campus Police and Public Safety Department serves as Durham Technical Community College’s law enforcement agency to employ personnel with all of the general powers of law enforcement officers. Under the authority of the President, the Chief of Police/Director of Campus Police and Public Safety establishes General Orders for all sworn and non-sworn officers and other employees of the department. Equivalent to college policy, these General Orders ensure compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws as well as provide an accessible source of approved directives and standard procedures.


The Campus Police and Public Safety General Orders manual is a statement of the current policies, procedures, rules, and guidelines of the department. All employees of the department, including sworn and non-sworn officers, shall conform to the provisions of this manual.

The General Orders are intended to serve as a guide and framework within which decisions can be made. The manual is not intended to cover every situation that may arise in the discharge of an employee’s duties. This manual is issued upon the authority of the Chief of Police. All Durham Technical Community College Police Department employees are required to become familiar with the contents. Department employees are required to sign a written acknowledgment of receipt and to keep the manual, either in hard copy or electronic form, available for access.

It is recognized that the work of law enforcement is not always predictable and that circumstances may arise which warrant departure from these orders. It is the intent of this manual to be viewed from an objective standard, taking into consideration the sound discretion entrusted to members of the department under the circumstances reasonably available at the time of any incident.

The provisions contained in the General Orders Manual are not intended to create an employment contract nor any employment rights or entitlements. The policies, procedures, directives, and rules contained within the General Orders manual are for the internal use of the Durham Technical Community College Campus Police and Public Safety Department and shall not be construed to create a higher standard or duty of care for civil or criminal liability against the state, its officials or members beyond that imposed by law. Violations of a policy may form the basis for department administrative action, training, or discipline, or a criminal charge for willfully omitting, neglecting, or refusing to discharge any duties required of the office may occur (N.C.G.S. § 14-230). The college reserves the right to revise any policy content, in whole or in part.

Authority to Establish Orders

The Chief of Police/Director of Campus Police and Public Safety shall be considered the specific authority for the content, interpretation, and adoption of the provisions of this manual and shall ensure compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws. The Chief of Police or the authorized designee is authorized to issue General Orders, which shall modify those provisions of the manual to which they pertain. General Orders shall remain in effect until such time as they may be permanently incorporated into the manual or otherwise superseded or repealed.

An electronic version of the Policy Manual will be made available to all members on the department network for viewing and printing. No changes shall be made to the manual without authorization from the Chief of Police or the authorized designee..

Each department employee shall acknowledge that he/she has been provided access and has had the opportunity to review the Policy Manual and General Orders. Employees shall seek clarification as needed from an appropriate supervisor for any provisions that they do not fully understand.

Periodic Review of General Orders

The Chief of Police will ensure that the Policy Manual is periodically reviewed and updated as necessary.

Revisions to General Orders

All revisions to the General Orders will be provided to each department employee on or before the date the order becomes effective. Each employee will be required to acknowledge that he/she has reviewed the revisions and shall seek clarification from an appropriate supervisor as needed.

Department employees are responsible for keeping abreast of all Policy Manual revisions. Each Officer in Charge will ensure that members under his/her command are aware of any General Orders revision.

All department members suggesting revision of the contents of the Policy Manual shall forward their written suggestions to their Officer in Charge, who will consider the recommendations and forward them to the command staff as appropriate.

The General Orders manual is designed so that updates may be added and rescinded, and pages removed as changes occur. Updates are included to incorporate the most contemporary national, state, and local standards and laws that range from critical incidents to reporting requirements. Updates will be distributed by hard copy, email, or other electronic means. Officers/employees having custody of a hard copy manual are responsible for making the necessary changes to the manual. Revisions of manuals in electronic format will be made by the Chief of Police or his/her designee.