1.1.1Continuing Education Registration 
1.1.2Concurrent Enrollment 
1.1.3Readmission and Change of Program 
1.1.4Procedures and Criteria for Admission of Minor Applicants 
1.1.5Enrollment and/or Graduation from Multiple Programs 
1.2Transfer Credit Award 
1.2.1Academic Credit for Professional Credentials 
1.2.2Academic Credit for Noncredit Coursework 
1.2.3Academic Credit for Prior Learning 
1.3.1Course Substitutions 
1.5Placement Testing2022-2023
1.6.1Adding Classes 
1.6.2Course Auditing 
1.7Curriculum Development and Assessment 
1.7.1Curriculum Course/Program Termination 
1.8Class Attendance – Credit-Bearing Courses 
1.9.1Student-Initiated Withdrawals 
1.10Student Tuition and Fees 
1.10.4Reserved for Future Policy/Procedure 
1.11Course Cancellations and Refunds 
1.12Standards of Academic Progress 
1.13Grading System 
1.13.1Grade Change Request and Approval 
1.13.2Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculation 
1.14Student Grievance 
1.18Curriculum Program Completion and Graduation 
1.18.1Foreign Language Graduation Requirement Waiver in AA and AS Programs 
1.20Student Code of Conduct 
1.21Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 
1.22.2Accommodations for Students with Disabilities2022-2023
1.22.3Deceased Student 
1.23Department of Defense Voluntary Education Partnership 
1.24Clubs, Organizations, and Activities 
1.25Student Evaluation of Curriculum Instruction2022-2023
1.26Academic Integrity and Plagiarism 
1.27Credit Hour Determination 
1.28ACA Registration Rule 
1.29Academic Freedom 
1.30Continuing Education Accountability and Integrity Plan