3.1Compensatory Time Off 
3.2.1Full–Time Educational Leave With Pay 
3.2.2Part–Time Educational Leave With Pay 
3.2.3Full–Time Educational Leave Without Pay 
3.2.5Military Leave 
3.2.6Annual Leave2022-2023
3.2.7Sick Leave 
3.2.8Civil Leave 
3.2.9Employee Holidays and Personal Observance Day2022-2023
3.2.10Child Involvement Leave 
3.2.11Bereavement Leave2022-2023
3.2.12Family and Medical Leave2022-2023
3.2.13Voluntary Shared Leave2022-2023
3.2.14Volunteer Leave 
3.2.15Paid Parental Leave

July 1, 2025

3.3Employee Categories and Benefits Eligibility 
3.4Other Employee Benefits2022-2023
3.4.1Flexible Work Arrangements2022-2023
3.5Reduction in Force (RIF) 
3.6State of Emergency Work Arrangements 
3.6.1Calculation of Hours Worked for Adjunct Faculty 
3.6.2Use of Background Checks in Employment and Placement Decisions 
3.6.3Disciplinary Actions, Suspension, and Termination of Employment2022-2023
3.7Secondary Employment 
3.8Employee Conflict Resolution and Grievance2022-2023
3.9Teaching Load – Curriculum 
3.10Teaching Load – Continuing Education 
3.12Professional Development 
3.12.1Education Attainment2022-2023
3.14Employment of Relatives/Nepotism


3.15Employee Excellence AwardsN/A
3.16Employee Evaluation 
3.17Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities 
3.18Use of College Vehicles 
3.18.1Mileage Reimbursement 
3.20Appropriate Use of Data2022-2023
3.22Material Transfer Agreement Review and Signature 
3.23Recruiting and Hiring Employees 
3.23.1Employee Credentialing 
3.24Transporting Hazardous Materials Between Campuses 
3.25Records Retention and Disposition2022-2023
3.25.1Personnel Records 
3.26Payroll Distribution 
3.27Employee Identification and Keys 
3.28College-Sponsored Events