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Clubs, Organizations, and Activities

Transferred 2016

Student Enrichment

Effective Date:
May 2016

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Requirements for Student Clubs and Organizations


Durham Technical Community College is an equal opportunity educational institution and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, age, religion, national origin, or disability.

Participation in Student Government Association and Events on Campus

  • Student clubs and organizations are required to choose a representative to the Student Government Association, Durham Tech’s student government association. Student clubs and organizations must complete the Student Clubs and Organizations Registration Form at the beginning of the fall semester each year. Student Government Association representatives must complete a Student Government Association Recommendation form.

  • The Senate representative is expected to attend the monthly business meeting and one subcommittee meeting per month (see Student Government Association Constitution, Article 4, Section 2.) Students in clubs and organizations are expected to participate in Senate-sponsored college events to showcase their club and to increase fundraising opportunities.

Student clubs and organizations are also expected to keep the Senate informed about their activities by submitting a Club Activity Notification form when planning events. The form must be approved and signed by the club or organization advisor before it is submitted to the Student Activities Coordinator for final approval.

The Student Activities Coordinator will give final approval for any club or organization activities. The Club Activity Notification Form, once approved, is kept on file with the Student Development, Communications and Activities office to indicate when, where, and why the activity will be taking place. It is also used to provide information, as needed, to various college departments, such as facility services and campus security. Food fundraisers are limited to one per day and will be permitted based on receipt of the Club Activity Notification form and approval by a Student Government Association advisor.

Registration of Student Clubs and Organizations

A Student Club and Organization Registration form must be completed and submitted to the Student Government Association no later than September 30 of each fall semester. The completed form should be submitted to the Student Government Association advisors in Wynn 10-209. The form must identify the current officers, advisors, and Senate representatives. Club and organization senators are expected to serve a full year (fall and spring semesters; Article 4, Section 2. If a change occurs in the slate of club or organization officers or advisors during the year, a new form must be submitted to a Senate advisor in Wynn 10-209.

Club and Organizational Funding

All student clubs and organizations have access to student activities funding through the Student Government Association. Student clubs and organizations requesting funding from the Student Government Association must maintain active status by appointing a representative who must attend all required meetings and actively participate in senate activities (Article 4, Section 2). Groups requesting funding must adhere to the Guidelines for Reaffirmation of Active Status by Durham Tech Student Clubs and Organizations.

Community Service Reporting

To maintain active status, student clubs and organizations are required to participate in community service projects. For assistance in identifying projects or to join existing projects, please contact the Center for College and Community Service. Additionally, clubs and organizations should report the results of all community service projects on the Durham Tech Volunteer Log. The password is “service”. Be sure to fill out the Volunteer Log as accurately as possible. Community service hours are used for Senate budget purposes as well as community service engagement awards presented at the annual Senate awards banquet in the spring. Clubs and organizations must submit their total community service hours by March 31 every year during spring semester. Questions regarding the Volunteer Log, community service opportunities, or community service hour totals should be directed to the Coordinator, Volunteer Services at

Procedure for Securing a Charter

Any group of students desiring to function as an official student club or organization of Durham Technical Community College may apply for recognition by the Student Government Association and the college by submitting a Request for Charter (VII, Section 1, Durham Technical Community College Student Government Association Constitution).

Students interested in forming a club or organization must provide written evidence that the proposed organization has secured the support of a full-time faculty or staff member to serve as the advisor to the group by completing and signing the Request for Charter application.

Advisors may be “exempt” or “non-exempt” full-time faculty or professional staff members of the college. Non-exempt faculty or staff must receive written permission from their immediate supervisor to serve as a club or organization advisor. The supervisor must provide the Senate advisors with a letter of permission authorizing the non-exempt employee to serve as a club or organization advisor. Supervisors must submit a new letter annually for non-exempt faculty or staff to serve as a club advisor. Prospective advisors must have completed their probationary period with the college and be on a regular contract of employment.

Students interested in forming a club or organization must publicize and hold two introductory meetings to determine the level of student interest in the proposed club. Attendance at these meetings must be recorded and the number of students interested in the organization must be documented on the Request for Charter application. There must be a minimum of ten students interested in forming the new club or organization. If the proposed club does not have a minimum of ten student members, the club will not be chartered by the Student Government Association.

Students interested in forming a club or organization must develop bylaws and submit those bylaws, with the Request for Charter application to the Student Government Association at least two weeks prior to the Senate’s next scheduled general business meeting.

Clubs or organizations who have a local or national affiliation must fully detail this information in writing when submitting the Request for Charter. In addition, the club or organization must also fully detail any affiliation with any individual or group outside of the college when submitting the Request for Charter. Students and advisors needing assistance with the formation of appropriate bylaws should consult a Senate advisor for assistance and more information.

Students interested in forming a club or organization must have identified a student representative from the proposed club who is willing and able to attend the Senate’s general business meeting and subcommittee meeting, once a month. The motion to have club or organization officially chartered by the Student Government Association will be introduced at the meeting during new business by a member of the Senate Executive Board or a Student Government Association representative. A student representative of the proposed club or organization must be present to respond to or to prepare follow-up information for any Student Government Association questions. Refer to Article VII, Sections 1 through 6 of the Constitution of the Durham Technical Community College Student Government Association for the bylaws affecting student clubs or organizations.


Durham Technical Community College provides a variety of activities, organizations, and clubs for students and the broader community. Educational, cultural, and social activities must support the college's mission, values, and strategic goals. The college establishes and follows processes and guidelines to encourage student engagement; foster student leadership; coordinate and provide administrative oversight of activities, organizations, and clubs as well as related funding and expenditures; charter official student clubs and organizations; maintain a safe learning environment; and ensure compliance with college policies and with state and federal laws.

Durham Technical Community College promotes and supports the following activities and services:

  • Student success: We encourage the development of relationships that will enhance and develop positive academic, personal, and professional success inside and outside of the college classroom.

  • Service learning: We seek out opportunities to augment classroom learning by supporting related activities outside the classroom.

  • Community service activities: We support student club and organization activities that encourage students to take part in community service projects.

  • Activities which honor cultural diversity: We support programs and activities that promote the richness of the cultural diversity on our campus and in our community.

  • Programs relevant to the entire Durham Tech community: We encourage student clubs and organizations to sponsor programs and activities that are of interest to the entire Durham Tech community.

  • Leadership: We provide opportunities to learn and apply leadership skills through a democratic process designed to develop and apply critical thinking.

  • Social connections: We offer programs that create the atmosphere conducive to the development of positive social connections.

Student – Any individuals, regardless of age, who are currently enrolled in Durham Tech courses, who have active program status, and/or who are currently participating in Durham Tech instructional programs, including Middle College High School, Career and College Promise, and College and Career Readiness programs. Individuals with active program status are those who have been accepted into a program, have taken classes within the program, and have been continuously enrolled at the College since beginning the program.