Procedure Name:
Academic Credit for Professional Credentials 

Keitcha M. Royal
Executive Coordinator, Office of the President


Admissions, Registration, and Records

Effective Date:
July 2015; July 6, 2021 (Revision)

Next Review Date:


SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation 10.8



Academic credit may be given for adequately documented and validated industry-recognized credentials.

Faculty who wish to consider a credential(s) for approved credit in the program must provide the following information to their dean:

  • The course(s) to which the professional credential applies;
  • The number of credit hours awarded;
  • The name of the professional organization that validates the credential; and
  • Documentation that provides evidence that the competencies required for the credential also meet the learning outcomes or competencies of the course (e.g. comparison table)

The dean will submit the information to the Vice President, Chief Academic Officer for consideration.

These credits must be approved by the Vice President, Chief Academic Officer based on content and outcomes. Once approved, the Vice President, Chief Academic Officer will forward the information to Admissions, Registration, and Records. The information will also be posted to the College’s website with the appropriate program plan of study. 

Students who submit official documentation of a professional credential earned will be awarded credit for the approved course(s) associated with the program plan of study. Students must submit their documentation to Admissions, Registration, and Records  (Phail Wynn, Jr. Student Services Center, Building 10, room 10-201). Once the documentation has been reviewed, Admissions, Registration, and Records will contact students via email to confirm the completion of the evaluation. Students will then be able to view any credit awarded in their student record.


Academic Credit – Curriculum credit 

Approved Course – A course that has been reviewed with regard to the professional credential competencies and is both comparable and meets the program and industry standards